Lindt & Le Creuset

My mom and I got to attend the Lindt and Le Creuset “perfect pairing” demonstration at Silwood kitchen this week. I studied there last year and will take any opportunity to be back there.

These are two of our most favorite things. I am a cotton, chiffon pink, soleil and cool mint lover, while my mom prefers classic cherry red and carribean blue. On the lindt side, I am a firm believer in 85% lindt, as well as a good ‘ol faithful red lindor ball. My mom on the other hand loves the white chocolate lindor balls with a great passion.


These were added into our goodie bags, The lime flavor is new and Im excited to try it, I do prefer the flavored chocolates with little pieces in them, like the “Touch of sea salt”

We also recieved recipe cards with the recipes demonstrated to us. All the recipes are specially designed to use a 100g Lindt bar and are portioned out to fit perfectly in certain Le Creuset items (a perfect excuse to expand your collection)


I even got to see my friend, Fudge at Silwood. He was friendly and as handsome as ever.


We had a glorious tea break where we were served “The Grasshopper” a mint infused hot chocolate, along with various treats provided by Silwood as well as some chocolates.

I had a salted caramel cheesecake, and a beautiful little vanilla tea cake.


We were shown how to make this chocolate tart as well as a chocolate fondant, and the mint hot chocolate.


We all got beautiful golden boxes as well as a goodie bag to take home with us


The morning ended off with us being served an incredible chocolate fondant, served with a white chocolate lindor ball in the centre. It was a liquid chocolate delight.


We each received a mini fluted pie dish with our own chocolate tart inside the golden gift boxes. Mine was a gorgeous Soleil yellow dish, and my mom received an elegant white Cotton on.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the morning and I would highly recommend signing up for the Le Creuset newsletter to hear about these incredible customer events.

Love Q


Four & Twenty Cafe

There are few things I love more than a good breakfast/ brunch spot. Four & Twenty has been on my list for a long time, and I was in the area recently and decided to pop in with Dylan. I loved it, had an amazing brunch, bought one of all the cakes to take home, went back about a week later and did the same thing, but brought my mom along too.

The two owners actually studied at Silwood too, and the attention to detail in everything here warms my heart.


mmm homemade lemonade. This is a big must.


as “posey”as this photo looks, this is a genuine candid photo of my Dylan


Avo Sumptuous breakfast- Ciabatta, smashed avo, caramelized onion, danish feta, poached egg and a balsamic drizzle.

IMG_7444 IMG_7442

Caramel popcorn eclair !! this one went home to my mom who loves eclairs


This pink beauty went home to my sister, The lemon curd centre is incredible.


If you’re in the area, I would highly recommend stopping by, they can get quite busy, but you can leave your number and have a wander through the park across the road while you wait for a table. You can get more details or see the menu here

Love Quartz

Taste of Cape Town

This post is late. One, because I have been putting it off for too long, I couldn’t quite decide on how to write it as some of the parts were positive and others negative. I don’t really think Ive ever done a negative review, and I wasn’t sure how to review something negatively without the post sounding too harsh. Ive just decided to be my honest self and see how it goes.

The second reason for this post being so late is that Ive been sick with flu for a week now, being high as a kite on flu meds didn’t inspire me to do much blogging.

So here we go, my honest review of the Taste of Cape Town. IMG_7697 The attention to detail was beautiful, I unfortunately couldn’t photograph it all as it was very crowded. IMG_7706 This is the food stall of a well-known and slightly over-priced bakery in Cape Town. I was incredibly disappointed with their items, more on this later. IMG_7711 Brownie cheesecake ice lolly, who thinks of these wonderful concoctions, I loved this variety, something different from the usual. IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7720 IMG_7722These were amazing, spinach and mushroom dumplings with sweet chilli sauce, I had some, my sister had some and then I even went back to get some more of them, they were THAT good.
IMG_7724 mushroom and parmesan Gnocchi, also amazing. They used exotic and wild mushrooms which added more flavour and texture to the overall dish.  IMG_7732  now, onto the disappointing bits, I bought a Guinness and brown sugar cupcake, two cake pops, and a white chocolate and blueberry tart. Firstly the cupcake was tasteless and very dry, then the cake pops were oily inside and quite inedible, they also were a bit oddly shaped, and not all the same size? That may sound like Im being overly fussy, but for the price and reputation this bakery has, I was a little disheartened but it. IMG_7733 IMG_7739  Then for the worst of it, the blueberry tart, the pastry shell had clearly been patched up in places along the bottom and sides, and it was millimeters thin in some places and then incredibly thick and undercooked in other places. The white chocolate filling was ok, however, I could have done with more blueberry, and not just a tiny sauce swirl on the top. Perhaps fresh blueberries inside the filling? IMG_7741 To end off on a more positive note, this is a gluten free, salted chocolate bar from Yummi bakery. I could do with another one (or two) right now, they were delicious.

I will go again next year, as I did love the experience as a whole, It did end up being quite expensive, as you purchase food tickets, and that leads you to forgetting how much you are actually spending there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post,

Love Quartz

Immaculate Eggception |Lush Review

The following is a review done by my mom on the Immaculate Eggception bath bomb by Lush.

Colour: Yellow 

Duration of fizz: 20- 30 seconds (disappointing) 

Smell: Smells like spring- a little confusing as we are going into Autumn… but nevertheless very pleasant, and it lingers on the skin to enjoy all day or all night. 

Touch: Silky and soft, leaving the skin feeling the same. 

Immaculate eggception is truly an eggciting easter treat from Lush… Eggspecially when enjoyed by candle light due to the ever impending power outages. 

*Quick side note from me, we have a little problem with the supply and demand balance of Electricity in South Africa, so we have load shedding/ power outages/ power cuts almost every day.

I hope you enjoyed that review, unfortunately there are no photo’s as my mom didn’t take any, but the bath bomb is yellow and egg shaped, if that helps.

Love Quartz

Lush Cosmetics Review | Floating Flower

This is a new bath bomb from Lush and its already a favourite of mine. It smells like jasmine and creates creamy, foamy bubbles that are incredibly moisturising. This is one of their bath bombs where the scent lingers on your skin for quite some time after you’ve stepped out of the bath. IMG_7367  Mine unfortunately got cracked on the way home. IMG_7368 IMG_7372  It first creates a pink and orange foam, then the centre starts to crumble out and its a kaleidoscope of bright colours. IMG_7374 The centre reminds me a bit of Lucky Charms? anyone else?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, happy bathing, Love Quartz xx

**I am not paid to review these products, I am just an avid Lush lover, I will let you know if I have ever been paid to review any product.

Snowman shower jelly | Lush Cosmetics


I thought this was just a Christmas version of the Whoosh shower jelly, and that it would be a big blob when I took it out. It’s actually shaped like a little snowman, he just popped right out, and doesn’t lose his shape at all when I used him. IMG_6713This shower jelly has a really sweet smell of Blackcurrant, almost like fruity flavoured candy. I read the pot and it said it could be used for your hair, so I gave that a try too, and I don’t think my hair has ever smelt nicer.

I even discovered loads of shimmer inside this shower jelly, which I love since I am a fan of anything sparkly, shiny or glittery.

All in all this snowman is fun, easy to use, smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I only wish this could be an all-year-round shower jelly, because I will miss him when he’s all used up. This will definitely be on the top of my list when the Christmas stock comes back in again.

I hoped you enjoyed this review, Love Quartz xx

Celebrate Body Lotion | Lush Cosmetics

I don’t know if Im completely won over by the smell of this body lotion yet. That said, It feels AMAZING on my skin. I suffer with really dry skin, especially my knee’s, ankles, elbows ect. The cream smoothes on so beautifully and keeps my skin so soft and moisturised for hours and hours. IMG_6722

The little pot contains Brazilian Orange oil, Lime Oil, Cognac Oil, Almond Oil and organic Cocoa Butter.

I think it could be the Cognac oil in here that Im not quite loving, smell-wise. But Im a huge fan of Citrus smells and the combination of Orange and Lime is beautiful.

This is the first body lotion Ive used from Lush and I will definitely make an effort to try some of their other ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post, all my love, Quartz xx