Unicorns Exist

After a very slight quarter-life crisis, and a little chat to a good friend, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and make myself into a real life unicorn. Why? Because I’ll soon be old and boring and then I won’t be able to do things like this, and because It’s been on my Pinterest board of life for years. If I can’t dye my hair 4 different pastel shades when I’m 20, then when can I?

After some serious research, asking around, and general investigatory work, I settled on going to Scar Hair in Cape Town. I walked in to have a little chat and was introduced to Leandi, who in my opinion is a genius hair magician.

I have incredibly stubborn hair, and she magically managed to halve the time I usually have to sit with bleach on my roots for, and my hair ended up looking brighter, lighter and way less brassy than usual. I was in awe already with the beautiful snow white canvas she created, and then she started with the colours. She blended purples into pinks, blues and greens like a true artist and I can only say I was shocked with how beautiful it turned out.

I now have “my little pony” “unicorn” or “princess” hair and I’m loving it.

You can contact Scar yourself here

Lots of Love Courtney x


Pretty Home Ware Haul

 Here are a few things that Ive purchased over the past few months, Ive been slowly gathering up home ware items over the past few years for when I do eventually move out. These items in particular are for a secret project Im working on, I can’t give you any more details but you will find out about it all soon. IMG_7424  Pink heart print tea towel – Mr price home (set of 3)

Blue floral tin – Cape arts and crafts

Wooden box – cotton on kids (The inside is blue and I painted the one side pink)

Clear jars – Consol

Blue jar – Typo

Blue cutlery – heart and home

spotted rectangle cupcake cases – CAB foods

Wooden laser cut bunting flags – Acorn printing (I painted them yellow and white)

Pink ribbon – Cape arts and crafts

Mandala stamp – PNA

White doily’s – crazy store

Blue doily’s – sweetly does it (part of a 3 pack)
IMG_7429 IMG_7431 IMG_7435

Love Quartz x