21st Season

It’s the 21st season in my life now. Ive gone through the sweet 16’s, the 18th’s, the matriculating and now it’s this.

This is the year that everyone I went to school with turns 21. It got me thinking about all the other seasons that will come along soon, engagements, 30th’s, weddings, baby showers,second children, divorces, 40th’s, second marriages, 50th’s and then deaths I suppose.

That’s slightly morbid, but in reality life does move through certain phases, and if we all surround ourselves with people in similar life phases, or of a similar age, we are going to end up in some kind of natural rhythm with each other.

Thankfully I’m still young, and right now it’s just 21st birthdays, but I hope I can live a life where I feel like it’s been a long time in between the phases, and I don’t just feel as though they all just follow after one another. I’d hate to wake up one day and suddenly being going to a long list of 50th birthdays, with no idea how the time flew by so quickly.

What season are you in now?

Love Quartz


Quick Update

If you read my blog for the long posts with pictures then maybe you should skip this one, I won’t like you any less for doing so.

I haven’t written in a while, *insert some excuses and apologies here* ok, phew thats done. Let me get you all up to speed, since its been almost a month. I got a tattoo, my first one. The tattoo itself wasn’t impulsive but the decision to actually go and get it done kind of was, I went in to ask about the procedure and if they had alternatives for surgical spirits, as I am highly allergic, they did, and also had a cancellation for a slot at that same time. I might go into this a little more in a future post.

I think I can now call myself a fairly confident driver. This is huge as it took me forever to actually muster up the courage to take my drivers test, I passed and now I think I could confidently drive almost anywhere. Except maybe Jhb, those roads scare me (thats an inside, South African joke) I do still panic if a pedestrian walks into the road near me (another South African thing) , or if a motorbike zooms passed very close to me, but I think those are natural things.

I dyed my hair. After swearing that I would never go any colour ever again, except keep my platinum blonde. I finally did an ombre/ balayage type thing. I still sort of have some platinum blonde left, but overall my hair is a little darker than it was. It took me awhile to get used to it, but I do love it. I may go a little lighter next time as I do miss my blonde but I’ll cope.

I started meditating daily, I’ll post a longer post on this too, so keep an eye out for it

I finally bought myself pastel pink, Dr Martens. They’re lovely, the laces are white silk ribbons and I’m obsessed. They also make me feel like I could just stomp my way through anything *these boots were made for walkin* but in a really pretty, girly way.

I met Buddy Valastro, the cake boss at the Good Food and Wine Show. He was unbelievably friendly and genuine, and I really couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience. He was really honest and open, and he’s actually one of the most humble people Ive ever met. He spoke about his life and how he’s gotten to where he is today, and then had children and some dad’s up from the audience to ice cupcakes with him. If my dad was there with me I would have volunteered him to go up on stage, I don’t know how great his piping skills are but I’m confident he could have done a little better than some of the dads there.

Im now currently in the middle of my exams, Ive written two of my theory exams already this week, and a week from now I have 2, full-day, prac exams. I also have an entire file to go with my prac exams, so far its at 6000+ words and I’m not even halfway. While Im on the college topic, I also have a very exciting, work experience/ job shadow/ internship in a top hotel kitchen during my holidays, I’m still not completely sure how I’m going to survive that, as a baker’s shift starts at 4am, that ┬ámeans I have to leave my house at 3:45am, and Ill have to get up before 3am… but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’m writing this now at 2:30am, so clearly I need to make some changes with my sleeping habits, before this arrives.

I feel that this is going to de-rail and get weird so I’ll end it here. Its late, I’ve taken a lot of flu medication and I haven’t slept. I hope you all feel on the same page with my life, sorry for such a huge gap, I actually have an ever-growing list of posts I need to write but I just haven’t quite got to them yet.

All my love, Quartz