Lindt & Le Creuset

My mom and I got to attend the Lindt and Le Creuset “perfect pairing” demonstration at Silwood kitchen this week. I studied there last year and will take any opportunity to be back there.

These are two of our most favorite things. I am a cotton, chiffon pink, soleil and cool mint lover, while my mom prefers classic cherry red and carribean blue. On the lindt side, I am a firm believer in 85% lindt, as well as a good ‘ol faithful red lindor ball. My mom on the other hand loves the white chocolate lindor balls with a great passion.


These were added into our goodie bags, The lime flavor is new and Im excited to try it, I do prefer the flavored chocolates with little pieces in them, like the “Touch of sea salt”

We also recieved recipe cards with the recipes demonstrated to us. All the recipes are specially designed to use a 100g Lindt bar and are portioned out to fit perfectly in certain Le Creuset items (a perfect excuse to expand your collection)


I even got to see my friend, Fudge at Silwood. He was friendly and as handsome as ever.


We had a glorious tea break where we were served “The Grasshopper” a mint infused hot chocolate, along with various treats provided by Silwood as well as some chocolates.

I had a salted caramel cheesecake, and a beautiful little vanilla tea cake.


We were shown how to make this chocolate tart as well as a chocolate fondant, and the mint hot chocolate.


We all got beautiful golden boxes as well as a goodie bag to take home with us


The morning ended off with us being served an incredible chocolate fondant, served with a white chocolate lindor ball in the centre. It was a liquid chocolate delight.


We each received a mini fluted pie dish with our own chocolate tart inside the golden gift boxes. Mine was a gorgeous Soleil yellow dish, and my mom received an elegant white Cotton on.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the morning and I would highly recommend signing up for the Le Creuset newsletter to hear about these incredible customer events.

Love Q


Vegan Mushroom Burger

A very quick and easy recipe for one of my favourite lunch or dinner meals. IMG_7307  marinate some mushroom steaks, I use a BBQ marinade, just check that it is vegan if you want your burgers to be vegan. IMG_7308  cut up some pineapple, I used the same BBQ marinade to cook the pineapple in too. IMG_7311 IMG_7312  Mushrooms hold quite a bit of water, so make sure you cook them through so they arent soggy in the middles. IMG_7313  I lightly toasted some bread rolls and served the burgers with butter lettuce and tomato slices.  IMG_7314

you could add any sauce you wanted to, or if you are vegetarian you could add in some cheese too. IMG_7316enjoy, Love Quartz

Quick and easy Tomato Pasta Sauce

IMG_7142 I filled the larger cup of my Nutribullet with whole cherry tomatoes and blended them up. I then put those aside and blended up one whole onion.

IMG_7143 I heated up some salt and pepper in a pan with some olive oil before adding the chopped onions to brown. I then added the tomato mix and let it simmer away. IMG_7147 Lastly I added in some basil pesto, fresh basil leaves and some fresh garlic. Just let the sauce simmer away until its a good thick sauce consistency.

I then bottled it in a sterilised glass bottle and kept it in the fridge for when I next made pasta. IMG_7150