Best Boyfriend

Here’s a sappy post about my best friend who also happens to be my boyfriend. So corny, I know, but it’s true.

We’ve been together for nearly a whole 365 days now. Which may not seem like a huge deal to those of you out there who are married or have been with your partner for 6 million years, but it’s a big deal for me, and this happens to be my blog.

I’ve answered most of these, however Dylan’s answers are in italics and quoted

Where did we meet? If Im perfectly honest, the answer embarasses me, so I’ll have to give it some background. I was studying at the time, and having a night out with the lovely women I studied with. There were some big age differences between some of us, and some of the 25ish women were explaining Tinder (a dating app) to the older women. I then said I had heard of it, but never bothered to try it out. They then decided to download it on my behalf, and create a profile for me. I thought nothing of it until a couple of days later when I had to spend an entire day waiting for my mom to come out of surgery at the hospital. I saw dylan, swiped right and the rest is history. **We had a few mutual friends, and actually found out we were in the same primary school, I had aftercare with his grandmother and it really was a strange thing that we hadn’t ever met sooner.

First Date I don’t think we had an official first date, but the first one I can remember is going to my favorite vegan cafe, Plant.

First impressions I first met him at my house, after fetching my mom from the hospital to bring her home after her week stay there, she was very drugged on pain medication and he spent most of the time talking to her and making sure she was ok, so he came across as the perfect gentleman, friendly and polite. I also noticed his playful and fun personality, which are all the things I then later fell in love with him for. “You were very kind to your mom”

When did you meet the family He met my mom on the first day, and then the rest of my family a few days later. He then met my dad and stepmom about a month or so down the line. I met his family after a few weeks, they’re all incredible people and I’m genuinely glad they were all included in the package deal.

Any weird habits He sleeps like a starfish and it’s near impossible to move him once he is asleep. “Naps often and for long hours”

First thing you noticed about each other I first noticed his hair, he has big, magical curly hair. “I first noticed that you were shy”

Things that annoy you about each other He eats on the bed (crumbs or food in my bed are the worst thing that could happen to me) and sometimes plays games on his phone when I want cuddles. “when you are miserable or upset you go into your own little world”

Who wears the pants This is an outdated and very sexist question in my opinion, but I do believe we both have one leg in the pants, or the skirt, or the dress, or the jumpsuit, or the shorts.

What does the other watch on TV He watches The Flash. “Geordie Shore or Game of Thrones” 

Any Traditions “not yet really” 

Talents the other person has Dylan is incredibly patient and able to learn new things quickly, he is also musical and he juggles very well. “Baking and you can ride a unicycle”

What could the other person spend hours doing He could spend hours playing guitar or being in the ocean. “Napping, cuddling or baking”

Foods the other person dislikes Dylan dislikes whole tomatoes and seafood, but not sushi. “any meats”

Foods the other person loves Chicken “cauliflower tacos”

And there you have it, for all you nosey weasels out there, Love Courtney (and Dylan)

bonus fact: We adopted a little ginger kitten together and Dylan named him Blaziken (like the fire pokemon)


Lindt & Le Creuset

My mom and I got to attend the Lindt and Le Creuset “perfect pairing” demonstration at Silwood kitchen this week. I studied there last year and will take any opportunity to be back there.

These are two of our most favorite things. I am a cotton, chiffon pink, soleil and cool mint lover, while my mom prefers classic cherry red and carribean blue. On the lindt side, I am a firm believer in 85% lindt, as well as a good ‘ol faithful red lindor ball. My mom on the other hand loves the white chocolate lindor balls with a great passion.


These were added into our goodie bags, The lime flavor is new and Im excited to try it, I do prefer the flavored chocolates with little pieces in them, like the “Touch of sea salt”

We also recieved recipe cards with the recipes demonstrated to us. All the recipes are specially designed to use a 100g Lindt bar and are portioned out to fit perfectly in certain Le Creuset items (a perfect excuse to expand your collection)


I even got to see my friend, Fudge at Silwood. He was friendly and as handsome as ever.


We had a glorious tea break where we were served “The Grasshopper” a mint infused hot chocolate, along with various treats provided by Silwood as well as some chocolates.

I had a salted caramel cheesecake, and a beautiful little vanilla tea cake.


We were shown how to make this chocolate tart as well as a chocolate fondant, and the mint hot chocolate.


We all got beautiful golden boxes as well as a goodie bag to take home with us


The morning ended off with us being served an incredible chocolate fondant, served with a white chocolate lindor ball in the centre. It was a liquid chocolate delight.


We each received a mini fluted pie dish with our own chocolate tart inside the golden gift boxes. Mine was a gorgeous Soleil yellow dish, and my mom received an elegant white Cotton on.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the morning and I would highly recommend signing up for the Le Creuset newsletter to hear about these incredible customer events.

Love Q

21st Season

It’s the 21st season in my life now. Ive gone through the sweet 16’s, the 18th’s, the matriculating and now it’s this.

This is the year that everyone I went to school with turns 21. It got me thinking about all the other seasons that will come along soon, engagements, 30th’s, weddings, baby showers,second children, divorces, 40th’s, second marriages, 50th’s and then deaths I suppose.

That’s slightly morbid, but in reality life does move through certain phases, and if we all surround ourselves with people in similar life phases, or of a similar age, we are going to end up in some kind of natural rhythm with each other.

Thankfully I’m still young, and right now it’s just 21st birthdays, but I hope I can live a life where I feel like it’s been a long time in between the phases, and I don’t just feel as though they all just follow after one another. I’d hate to wake up one day and suddenly being going to a long list of 50th birthdays, with no idea how the time flew by so quickly.

What season are you in now?

Love Quartz

Four & Twenty Cafe

There are few things I love more than a good breakfast/ brunch spot. Four & Twenty has been on my list for a long time, and I was in the area recently and decided to pop in with Dylan. I loved it, had an amazing brunch, bought one of all the cakes to take home, went back about a week later and did the same thing, but brought my mom along too.

The two owners actually studied at Silwood too, and the attention to detail in everything here warms my heart.


mmm homemade lemonade. This is a big must.


as “posey”as this photo looks, this is a genuine candid photo of my Dylan


Avo Sumptuous breakfast- Ciabatta, smashed avo, caramelized onion, danish feta, poached egg and a balsamic drizzle.

IMG_7444 IMG_7442

Caramel popcorn eclair !! this one went home to my mom who loves eclairs


This pink beauty went home to my sister, The lemon curd centre is incredible.


If you’re in the area, I would highly recommend stopping by, they can get quite busy, but you can leave your number and have a wander through the park across the road while you wait for a table. You can get more details or see the menu here

Love Quartz

Unicorns Exist

After a very slight quarter-life crisis, and a little chat to a good friend, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and make myself into a real life unicorn. Why? Because I’ll soon be old and boring and then I won’t be able to do things like this, and because It’s been on my Pinterest board of life for years. If I can’t dye my hair 4 different pastel shades when I’m 20, then when can I?

After some serious research, asking around, and general investigatory work, I settled on going to Scar Hair in Cape Town. I walked in to have a little chat and was introduced to Leandi, who in my opinion is a genius hair magician.

I have incredibly stubborn hair, and she magically managed to halve the time I usually have to sit with bleach on my roots for, and my hair ended up looking brighter, lighter and way less brassy than usual. I was in awe already with the beautiful snow white canvas she created, and then she started with the colours. She blended purples into pinks, blues and greens like a true artist and I can only say I was shocked with how beautiful it turned out.

I now have “my little pony” “unicorn” or “princess” hair and I’m loving it.

You can contact Scar yourself here

Lots of Love Courtney x

New Year’s Eve

Firstly, my pant’s matched the little snack bowl I was eating blueberries out of… IMG_6666  December 31st is my little brother’s birthday, so we don’t ever do much for New Year’s Eve as we are usually too tired from the day. 3 year’s ago we all spent the evening in the hospital as he had just been born, we had a perfect view of the fireworks and we were all together as a family. Im starting to realise that I am getting older, and I wont be living at home forever, so I want to really cherish the time I do have to just spend at home with my family.

That being said, I decided to stay home for New Years, I don’t drink and I figured that an evening spent at home with my family would be far nicer than an overcrowded club or bar. We all sat in the lounge and watched the Royal Variety Concert, sounds silly but it was a perfect evening for me, my kitty cat even came to join us too, which is rare if the whole family is around. IMG_6668 IMG_6672How did you spend your New Year’s ?

Love Quartz

Apple, Mint and Rooibos summer drink


Here’s another fairly simple recipe’s for one of my favourite summer-time drinks.

1x roughly peeled and chopped apple

handful of ice

1 1/2 cups of cold rooibos tea (or any other tea of your choice)

a squeeze of lemon juice

a few fresh mint leaves

blend the whole lot up, I use a Nutribullet, but any blender is fine, just check that yours can crush ice, if not then crush it by hand to be safe.

Enjoy! Love Quartz xx

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Earlier this week I made some Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes for a Mickey Mouse party (another blog post coming on that) and I thought I would share the cupcakes incase anyone else needed some inspiration or idea’s.

IMG_5913  I split the icing batch in two, one half was coloured red and I mixed some homemade berry coulis into it.IMG_5917  The second batch was flavoured with vanilla and I added some Oreo biscuits into the icing as well.IMG_5919  The cupcakes were vanilla (made with real vanilla bean) and half were in black and white spotted cases, the other half in red and white spotted cases.IMG_5921  The Oreo icing did not pipe nicely through my piping nozzle, so I gave up and just rough iced the Oreo icing, I also added some crushed Oreo’s onto the tops of the Oreo cupcakes. The Oreos were crushed up by blending them through my Nutribullet blender. IMG_5929  For the berry icing cupcakes I made some black Mickey Mouse “hats” inspired by the hats you can buy at Disneyland. They were made with modelling chocolate that I coloured black. I used a medium sized circle cutter and a smaller sized circle cutter to cut out the base for the hat and then the two ears. I stuck a toothpick into the hat, so I could stick the hat upright into the cupcake.IMG_5937  For the Oreo cupcakes I made some chocolate toppers. I melted a mixture of dark and milk chocolate and poured the mixture into a small, plastic zipper bag. I cut one corner of the bag off to use the bag as a small piping bag. I laid non-stick paper onto some metal baking trays that I had placed in the freezer for a half hour before the time. Piping the melted chocolate onto the cold metal trays helps it to set quicker, and it is then less likely to run all over the place. I laid the toothpicks out on the sheets and piped the chocolate Mickey Mouse faces onto the toothpicks. I left the trays in the fridge to set before placing them into the cupcakes. IMG_5938

and here are the finished cupcakes. I hope this post was helpful, please do let me know if you decide to make these yourself

Love Quartz

Tomato and Lentil dinner with Bulgar Wheat

This was a dinner I made for myself the other night, It turned out really nice so I thought I would share it. IMG_5730

– I started out with cooking some bulgar wheat, I always add a bit of taco spice mix in, but thats up to you. You could substitute the bulgar wheat for couscous or pasta if you wanted to.

– I then cooked up some lentils with tomato paste. I always let the lentils soak overnight, just so they’re nice and soft when you cook them.

– Then on to the tomatoes, I sliced some salad tomatoes and fried them in a bit of coconut oil* with some black pepper.

– I topped the whole dish with some sprouts, just for an addition of colour and texture, and included some tomato pasta sauce around the sides just to mix in with the bulgar wheat.

 * Coconut Oil, I know this is a big thing to use right now, and I hate coconut, It makes my mouth super itchy and I really can’t stand it. With that said, I don’t taste any coconut in anything that I cook in it, so I’m very happy using coconut oil and I would highly recommend it. IMG_5731 Plate- Mr. Price Home

Cutlery – heartandhome.co.za

Enjoy, Love Quartz x