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Unicorns Exist

After a very slight quarter-life crisis, and a little chat to a good friend, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and make myself into a real life unicorn. Why? Because I’ll soon be old and boring and then I won’t be able to do things like this, and because It’s been on my Pinterest board of life for years. If I can’t dye my hair 4 different pastel shades when I’m 20, then when can I?

After some serious research, asking around, and general investigatory work, I settled on going to Scar Hair in Cape Town. I walked in to have a little chat and was introduced to Leandi, who in my opinion is a genius hair magician.

I have incredibly stubborn hair, and she magically managed to halve the time I usually have to sit with bleach on my roots for, and my hair ended up looking brighter, lighter and way less brassy than usual. I was in awe already with the beautiful snow white canvas she created, and then she started with the colours. She blended purples into pinks, blues and greens like a true artist and I can only say I was shocked with how beautiful it turned out.

I now have “my little pony” “unicorn” or “princess” hair and I’m loving it.

You can contact Scar yourself here

Lots of Love Courtney x


November / December Favorites

Ive decided to post November and December together for this favorites post as November is long gone and December is just about over too.

IMG_8373 IMG_8375

Vitamin E face mist from The Body Shop. Im sure Ive mentioned this pastel pink beauty before, but she needs another mention. Its summer and it’s hot and this is all I want on my face at the moment. Its moisturising, it keeps my skin looking fresh and bright so Im a happy camper.


Cute christmas cards, this one was from a set I got from In Good Company. They come with tiny temporary tattoos as well. So festive.


Pretty jewelry “Catherine” bracelet from Cardies. This is a gift I picked out for my mom on my little brother’s behalf. He’s 3 and only wants to buy diggers and trucks for everyone so I had to intervene here…


Glitter filled baubles from H&M, these seem to be really popular this year, and the more I look, the more I seem to find them. I love glitter and I wish everything was filled with glitter. I’m considering hanging the gold one in my car when I take my tree down this year actually.

The white one has two beautiful feathers inside of it, and makes for a delicate and elegant baubale.


Wrapped gifts, this year I wrapped all my gifts early and I’ve been thanking myself ever since.

Well done Courtney for getting it together this year, you have no need to go to any crowded shopping centres or inflict any form of stress or anxiety upon yourself. You have all this time to yourself now, good on you.”

I chose all kinds of pretty wrapping papers and then finished my gifts off with cute tags and twine bows.

There you have all my favorites for these past two months. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post

Love Courtney xx

Shiny, Glittery, Sparkly Baubles

Here are some of the christmas tree decorations and baubles Ive picked up this year. Our plastic tree magically grew overnight and we needed a LOT more baubles to fill up the bigger one…

I didn’t go with any set theme or colour, I just picked out what looked nice and they ended up looking quite good all together.

I got 99% of them from stores in Canal Walk shopping centre in Cape Town.


from the top: Wooden snowflakes- @home

table confetti- Cape Arts and Crafts

Pack of 4 snow filled baubles- @home

Gold sequin baubles- Woolworths

Glass moroccan baubles – Woolworths


gold dot plate- Woolworths

Chocolate hanging decorations- Woolworths


Unicorn and Reindeer – Accessorize

Copper Reindeer – Typo

Ceramic Feather – The pause room

Confetti Baubles- Woolworths


Paper stars- Woolworths

Copper bells – Cape Arts and Crafts


Old school bulb lights- Game


Decoupage star- Woolworths


Fairy and Fox – Accessorize

Pearly Unicorn – Typo

I hope you enjoyed this post and that this inspires you for your own Christmas tree decorating…

Love Quartz xx

May Favorites

IMG_7860*wooly hat, I’ve only seen the mistake now, and don’t have the original image saved to change that. 
IMG_7861 IMG_7863Zara perfume mini- This is the cutest little bottle and a lovely little gift for someone or just to keep in your bag, the only issue I have with it is that it isn’t a spray, you have to empty out a drop or so, carefully, which is tricky on the go.

Lush lemon cuticle butter- This has been wonderful for winter hands

Lush Marilyn hair treatment- My hair is bleached, and this is a perfect treatment for blonde hair. It works as a toner and conditioner.

Lush Rose Jam shampoo bar- This smells like candy and Im obsessed. I find that shampoo bars last a whole lot longer than liquid shampoo, they are expensive, but well worth it considering how long they last.

Forever 21 floral hairbrush- I had no need for another hair brush, this one just looks cute and pretty.

Accesorize (kids section) hair clips- These are smaller clips than usual, which are nice for clipping away a fringe or disobedient stray hairs.

Is everyone hanging out without me -Mindy Kaling- Hilarious book, I love The Mindy Project and this doesn’t dissapoint.

Cotton on Kids pom-pom beanie (I have a small head) – Again I had no real need for another beanie, this one was pink, cheap, pretty and fits my small head nicely.

Pink spotted Pjs- same as the beanie and the hairbrush, Im a sucker for pretty pink things…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these things yourself

Love Quartz

Cactus & Succulent Garden – How-To

Im usually not very good with plants, however I do seem to be getting it right so far with one fern and some cacti. I saw the most beautiful succulent garden ideas on Pinterest and wanted to create one for myself. I started by collecting nice cacti or succulents as I saw them, I planned to use a variety and I didn’t want too many of the same kind.

I then went on a hunt for a glass container, I was looking for something large-ish but also shallow, as I didn’t want a deep dish that would become really heavy when it was filled with stones and soil. I eventually found a salad bowl that worked. IMG_7773  I started out by placing larger stones in the bottom for drainage, and covering them with a layer of smaller, white stones. I then covered that with a layer of river sand, and then finally the cactus soil mix. I wanted to cover the top with the white stones, so I didn’t make the container too full. IMG_7802  I then started to plant all the succulents and cacti, I wore 3 pairs of disposable latex gloves, to protect my hands from the spikes and prickles. You need to keep as much of the soil from their original pots as possible, they can die from the root disturbance or the shock of transplanting them. IMG_7807

This was my progress from day 1, I realised I needed some more plants to fill up the gaps.

IMG_7811  and this is my finished garden, I am very happy with how it turned out, and I do plan to make some more soon. IMG_7814 IMG_7815 They only need to be watered sparingly once a week, Ive given each one a drop or two of water now, to settle them into their new home. IMG_7809

Please let me know if you have made something similar, or if you do decide to try this, I would love to see some new ideas!!

Love Quartz

March / April Favourites

I’m not entirely sure when my last favourites post was, I think it was february? Anyway here’s the collection of items I’ve been loving for the past little while. I decided to arrange and photograph them differently this time, let me know if you like them better this way. IMG_7650

Strawberry lemonade – I very seldom actually drink cool drinks, or anything other than water, or the occasional vitamin water, but this was really good, it’s made with Sabrosa strawberries which are the best ones in my opinion.

Easter Chocolates – Im currently doing the Cape Town Vegan Challenge, so Im only able to eat dairy free, dark chocolates, which isn’t all that bad since dark chocolate is my favourite anyway.

Tiny Cactus – I had seen a beautiful cactus (cacti?) garden on Tumblr the other evening, and planned to make one of my own, so far I only have two tiny baby little cactus plants. I’ll do a “how-to” post when I actually put them all together into a garden.

Orly glitter nail polish – I have magpie-like tendancies… This one is called “shine on crazy diamond”

DKNY- Be delicious, Fresh Blossom (the pink one) I have the pink one, my mom has the green and we are both after the gold one now, to me all 3 are absolute winners and I think I love them all equally, this is a gorgeous, light and floral fragrance that Ive been wearing almost every day.

Not that kind of girl – Lena Dunham, Lena as in from the ‘Girls’ series. She’s hilarious, I don’t want to give too much away about the book, but it was just the sort of life-advice every 20-something-year-old woman needs. I laughed, I laughed until I cried (the bit about eating bread in the shower, oh how I can relate!!) I cried, I laughed some more and then I really sat down and had a good long think about an entire range of life topics. I can highly recommend this book to anyone.

Yes Please – Amy Poehler, I grew up with Amy being on SNL and now I watch her web series, “Smart girls” I really can admire the work she has done, and still continues to do within the entertainment industry, particularly in changing the way women are portrayed and cast in the media. Her book is a candid and open look into her life thus far and shows us all exactly what makes her who she is. Another great read that comes highly recommended from me. You can have a look at the Smart Girls website by clicking here.

That’s all I can think of right now- Quick update, I finally got around to doing my driver’s test and I passed! the notice to collect my license card came in the post today, I’ve actually had my temporary license for quite a while now, it just didn’t seem real until today, so I thought I would share the news

Have a wonderful day, Love Quartz

Outfit Of The Day | Flashback Jeans

I really cant tell you when last I’ve worn or even owned a pair of jeans that aren’t skinny jeans. That said Ive been on the hunt for some nice ripped jeans for Autumn and Winter. I came across this pair of high-waisted “flashback jeans” in Cotton On the other evening. They’re cut wider around the hips and thighs and then they narrow down into a slim fitted leg. It took a bit of getting used to, as Ive been so used to wearing skinny jeans but I actually really love these, they’re comfortable and loose fitting without being too bulky or baggy.

Im quite short so Ive been stuck in the mindset that looser fitting clothing will make me look dumpy and out of proportion, and this is why I have always worn tight fitting jeans. I saw this post and it really changed the way I see myself and how I think about the clothes I choose to wear.

Here’s an outfit I put together with my new jeans, IMG_7438 Grey top – Cotton On – R128

Flashback Jeans – Cotton On – R499

Pink Lace tank – Pick n Pay clothing – R90

Gold TOMS shoes – R299

Love Quartz x

Easter Weekend

Easter time in South Africa means Autumn is approaching, which ultimately means I get to spend a weekend in a onesie, eating chocolate and nobody can say anything about all the bunny things I own. On Saturday I made an Easter carrot cake, then on Sunday I went to two markets with my family, we were out the entire day and forgot about doing an egg hunt in our garden, so we left that for Monday morning instead.

IMG_7449My little grass bunny accompanies our easter roses for the weekend.

IMG_7452  These were the earrings I gave my sister for easter, instead of buying chocolate, and she got me a Lush “immaculate eggception” bath bomb (a review is coming soon on that!)

IMG_7446 This has nothing to do with easter but my light bulb I ordered at the Design Indaba finally arrived!!! I love how the machined brass fitting looks against the silky pink cable.

That’s a little weekend summary for you all, how did you spend your long weekend?

Love Quartz

Pretty Home Ware Haul

 Here are a few things that Ive purchased over the past few months, Ive been slowly gathering up home ware items over the past few years for when I do eventually move out. These items in particular are for a secret project Im working on, I can’t give you any more details but you will find out about it all soon. IMG_7424  Pink heart print tea towel – Mr price home (set of 3)

Blue floral tin – Cape arts and crafts

Wooden box – cotton on kids (The inside is blue and I painted the one side pink)

Clear jars – Consol

Blue jar – Typo

Blue cutlery – heart and home

spotted rectangle cupcake cases – CAB foods

Wooden laser cut bunting flags – Acorn printing (I painted them yellow and white)

Pink ribbon – Cape arts and crafts

Mandala stamp – PNA

White doily’s – crazy store

Blue doily’s – sweetly does it (part of a 3 pack)
IMG_7429 IMG_7431 IMG_7435

Love Quartz x

Jam Jar Decorating

I made some jam a few weeks ago as one of my college projects and decided to decorate the jar a bit. I thought I could give you some ideas to use for your own home-made items. IMG_7325  I used ink and an intricate stamp on a plain white paper doily. I then tied the doily over the jar lid with baker’s twine. IMG_7330I then finished the jar off with a sticker, and put the ingredients and date on another sticker on the back of the jar. This was a really simple and cost-effective way to make a huge difference to a plain jar.

If you would like the jam recipe please let me know and I will include it in an upcoming post

Love Quartz xx