Best Boyfriend

Here’s a sappy post about my best friend who also happens to be my boyfriend. So corny, I know, but it’s true.

We’ve been together for nearly a whole 365 days now. Which may not seem like a huge deal to those of you out there who are married or have been with your partner for 6 million years, but it’s a big deal for me, and this happens to be my blog.

I’ve answered most of these, however Dylan’s answers are in italics and quoted

Where did we meet? If Im perfectly honest, the answer embarasses me, so I’ll have to give it some background. I was studying at the time, and having a night out with the lovely women I studied with. There were some big age differences between some of us, and some of the 25ish women were explaining Tinder (a dating app) to the older women. I then said I had heard of it, but never bothered to try it out. They then decided to download it on my behalf, and create a profile for me. I thought nothing of it until a couple of days later when I had to spend an entire day waiting for my mom to come out of surgery at the hospital. I saw dylan, swiped right and the rest is history. **We had a few mutual friends, and actually found out we were in the same primary school, I had aftercare with his grandmother and it really was a strange thing that we hadn’t ever met sooner.

First Date I don’t think we had an official first date, but the first one I can remember is going to my favorite vegan cafe, Plant.

First impressions I first met him at my house, after fetching my mom from the hospital to bring her home after her week stay there, she was very drugged on pain medication and he spent most of the time talking to her and making sure she was ok, so he came across as the perfect gentleman, friendly and polite. I also noticed his playful and fun personality, which are all the things I then later fell in love with him for. “You were very kind to your mom”

When did you meet the family He met my mom on the first day, and then the rest of my family a few days later. He then met my dad and stepmom about a month or so down the line. I met his family after a few weeks, they’re all incredible people and I’m genuinely glad they were all included in the package deal.

Any weird habits He sleeps like a starfish and it’s near impossible to move him once he is asleep. “Naps often and for long hours”

First thing you noticed about each other I first noticed his hair, he has big, magical curly hair. “I first noticed that you were shy”

Things that annoy you about each other He eats on the bed (crumbs or food in my bed are the worst thing that could happen to me) and sometimes plays games on his phone when I want cuddles. “when you are miserable or upset you go into your own little world”

Who wears the pants This is an outdated and very sexist question in my opinion, but I do believe we both have one leg in the pants, or the skirt, or the dress, or the jumpsuit, or the shorts.

What does the other watch on TV He watches The Flash. “Geordie Shore or Game of Thrones” 

Any Traditions “not yet really” 

Talents the other person has Dylan is incredibly patient and able to learn new things quickly, he is also musical and he juggles very well. “Baking and you can ride a unicycle”

What could the other person spend hours doing He could spend hours playing guitar or being in the ocean. “Napping, cuddling or baking”

Foods the other person dislikes Dylan dislikes whole tomatoes and seafood, but not sushi. “any meats”

Foods the other person loves Chicken “cauliflower tacos”

And there you have it, for all you nosey weasels out there, Love Courtney (and Dylan)

bonus fact: We adopted a little ginger kitten together and Dylan named him Blaziken (like the fire pokemon)


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