21st Season

It’s the 21st season in my life now. Ive gone through the sweet 16’s, the 18th’s, the matriculating and now it’s this.

This is the year that everyone I went to school with turns 21. It got me thinking about all the other seasons that will come along soon, engagements, 30th’s, weddings, baby showers,second children, divorces, 40th’s, second marriages, 50th’s and then deaths I suppose.

That’s slightly morbid, but in reality life does move through certain phases, and if we all surround ourselves with people in similar life phases, or of a similar age, we are going to end up in some kind of natural rhythm with each other.

Thankfully I’m still young, and right now it’s just 21st birthdays, but I hope I can live a life where I feel like it’s been a long time in between the phases, and I don’t just feel as though they all just follow after one another. I’d hate to wake up one day and suddenly being going to a long list of 50th birthdays, with no idea how the time flew by so quickly.

What season are you in now?

Love Quartz


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