Cookery School

I completed a one year certificate course in Patisserie this year, and it’s been a rollercoaster ride. I’ve made everything from rustic artisan breads, to teeny tiny delicate little petit fours. I’ve learnt that you can make anything in a thermomix (literally anything) and that you definitely can mash avo or potatoes with a sturdy kitchen whisk…

but most importantly I learnt a true love for food. I’ve always loved baking, as I was surrounded by home bakers growing up, both my mom and gran bake often and I’ve never ever had a store bought birthday or celebration cake. This year has really opened my food world up to seeing everything in a new light, I have so much respect for people who put time, effort and love into the goods they create, and I find so much joy in a perfectly baked, all-butter croissant. Before studying I would have been happy with just about any cake or sweet treat, now Im a little bit of a food snob and Im so much happier for it.

There really is something special about loving the treats you eat and really appreciating them for being tiny works of art, rather than just an everyday thing.

I could go off to become a patisserie chef in a fine dining restaurant after this, but I wont because that’s not where my heart lies. I’m a baker through and through, I like the smell of butter and I love making people happy with beautiful cookies, perfect cakes or just small sweet treats. Im at my happiest when Im baking and as cheesy as this is, I would really like to think Im “baking” my little world a better place.

here are a few photos from Instagram of my year as a pastry student…



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