May Favorites

IMG_7860*wooly hat, I’ve only seen the mistake now, and don’t have the original image saved to change that. 
IMG_7861 IMG_7863Zara perfume mini- This is the cutest little bottle and a lovely little gift for someone or just to keep in your bag, the only issue I have with it is that it isn’t a spray, you have to empty out a drop or so, carefully, which is tricky on the go.

Lush lemon cuticle butter- This has been wonderful for winter hands

Lush Marilyn hair treatment- My hair is bleached, and this is a perfect treatment for blonde hair. It works as a toner and conditioner.

Lush Rose Jam shampoo bar- This smells like candy and Im obsessed. I find that shampoo bars last a whole lot longer than liquid shampoo, they are expensive, but well worth it considering how long they last.

Forever 21 floral hairbrush- I had no need for another hair brush, this one just looks cute and pretty.

Accesorize (kids section) hair clips- These are smaller clips than usual, which are nice for clipping away a fringe or disobedient stray hairs.

Is everyone hanging out without me -Mindy Kaling- Hilarious book, I love The Mindy Project and this doesn’t dissapoint.

Cotton on Kids pom-pom beanie (I have a small head) – Again I had no real need for another beanie, this one was pink, cheap, pretty and fits my small head nicely.

Pink spotted Pjs- same as the beanie and the hairbrush, Im a sucker for pretty pink things…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these things yourself

Love Quartz


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