Teddy Bear’s Picnic | Cape Town Teddy Fair

A few weekends ago we took my little brother out to a teddy fair. It was a place for serious collectors to show off their beautiful, hand-made bears, as well as competitions for the avid bear makers or collectors. There were also competitions for children and their teddies, it was lovely to see so many children playing with teddies, or having “teddy bear picnics”

I used to have teddy picnics when I was younger, and I do still have my very first teddy, his name is Ted (original I know) and he sits very proudly on my bed. He was given to me by my aunt when I had just undergone a major operation at 6 months old, so he is almost 20 years old now!
IMG_7837 IMG_7838 IMG_7840 IMG_7842  I felt inspired by all the gorgeous hand-made bears, so I decided to buy a pattern, fabric, stuffing, glass eyes ect to make my own koala bear… he is very wonky and the pattern was incredibly difficult to follow. I now have immense respect for the people who do still make their bears by hand. IMG_7853 naturally the entire family had to get bear ears for the occasion…IMG_7854 IMG_7856 IMG_7858 The fair was held on a wine farm that seemed like a good, forresty sort of place that bears would choose to have a picnic in, I think I had more fun than the children did!

love Quartz xx


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