Cactus & Succulent Garden – How-To

Im usually not very good with plants, however I do seem to be getting it right so far with one fern and some cacti. I saw the most beautiful succulent garden ideas on Pinterest and wanted to create one for myself. I started by collecting nice cacti or succulents as I saw them, I planned to use a variety and I didn’t want too many of the same kind.

I then went on a hunt for a glass container, I was looking for something large-ish but also shallow, as I didn’t want a deep dish that would become really heavy when it was filled with stones and soil. I eventually found a salad bowl that worked. IMG_7773  I started out by placing larger stones in the bottom for drainage, and covering them with a layer of smaller, white stones. I then covered that with a layer of river sand, and then finally the cactus soil mix. I wanted to cover the top with the white stones, so I didn’t make the container too full. IMG_7802  I then started to plant all the succulents and cacti, I wore 3 pairs of disposable latex gloves, to protect my hands from the spikes and prickles. You need to keep as much of the soil from their original pots as possible, they can die from the root disturbance or the shock of transplanting them. IMG_7807

This was my progress from day 1, I realised I needed some more plants to fill up the gaps.

IMG_7811  and this is my finished garden, I am very happy with how it turned out, and I do plan to make some more soon. IMG_7814 IMG_7815 They only need to be watered sparingly once a week, Ive given each one a drop or two of water now, to settle them into their new home. IMG_7809

Please let me know if you have made something similar, or if you do decide to try this, I would love to see some new ideas!!

Love Quartz


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