Immaculate Eggception |Lush Review

The following is a review done by my mom on the Immaculate Eggception bath bomb by Lush.

Colour: Yellow 

Duration of fizz: 20- 30 seconds (disappointing) 

Smell: Smells like spring- a little confusing as we are going into Autumn… but nevertheless very pleasant, and it lingers on the skin to enjoy all day or all night. 

Touch: Silky and soft, leaving the skin feeling the same. 

Immaculate eggception is truly an eggciting easter treat from Lush… Eggspecially when enjoyed by candle light due to the ever impending power outages. 

*Quick side note from me, we have a little problem with the supply and demand balance of Electricity in South Africa, so we have load shedding/ power outages/ power cuts almost every day.

I hope you enjoyed that review, unfortunately there are no photo’s as my mom didn’t take any, but the bath bomb is yellow and egg shaped, if that helps.

Love Quartz


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