Being Yourself

d1cefb634ce1b58a736164c56163eca8Thank you Tumblr for this photo, I don’t know who made the edit and I am unfortunately unable to credit them.

Being who you really are isn’t easy, particularly when you are sent all kinds of images and ideas of who you “should” be from various people or media sources. There are days where I feel content and happy that I am the person I am, and other days where it seems like it would be easier to fit into a mould.

I genuinely believe that each and every person is unique and different and we should all be celebrating that, challenging the boundaries of “normality” and expanding our views on what it means to be beautiful or accepted in society.

Being yourself is a challenge when you may not have even discovered who you are yet. Personally, I fought against myself and tried to be everything I could to fit in, or be considered as prettier, smarter, funnier. That list could go on forever, eventually I was so exhausted and unhappy that I just gave it all up, I gave up on trying so hard, and the person I am just came naturally to fill in all the holes I had in my life. I’m still not 100% confident in myself and I do have bad days and good days, but being myself has been far easier than trying to be anything else. I found myself making real and meaningful friendships, making my own independent choices and just generally being happier as a person.

I would like to urge you to do the same if you haven’t yet, let go of being someone you’re not and let the real you shine, the people who matter most will adore you for this. Even if it’s a small change everyday or you have to remind yourself each morning, eventually you will get there. You could wear something you love, but have always felt wouldn’t suit you, or you couldn’t pull off, if you love it, wear it! You could listen to 80’s music if thats the music you really love, or you could stop drinking coffee if it just isn’t really your thing. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it reflects who you are and makes you happy, because thats what counts.

Love Quartz


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