March / April Favourites

I’m not entirely sure when my last favourites post was, I think it was february? Anyway here’s the collection of items I’ve been loving for the past little while. I decided to arrange and photograph them differently this time, let me know if you like them better this way. IMG_7650

Strawberry lemonade – I very seldom actually drink cool drinks, or anything other than water, or the occasional vitamin water, but this was really good, it’s made with Sabrosa strawberries which are the best ones in my opinion.

Easter Chocolates – Im currently doing the Cape Town Vegan Challenge, so Im only able to eat dairy free, dark chocolates, which isn’t all that bad since dark chocolate is my favourite anyway.

Tiny Cactus – I had seen a beautiful cactus (cacti?) garden on Tumblr the other evening, and planned to make one of my own, so far I only have two tiny baby little cactus plants. I’ll do a “how-to” post when I actually put them all together into a garden.

Orly glitter nail polish – I have magpie-like tendancies… This one is called “shine on crazy diamond”

DKNY- Be delicious, Fresh Blossom (the pink one) I have the pink one, my mom has the green and we are both after the gold one now, to me all 3 are absolute winners and I think I love them all equally, this is a gorgeous, light and floral fragrance that Ive been wearing almost every day.

Not that kind of girl – Lena Dunham, Lena as in from the ‘Girls’ series. She’s hilarious, I don’t want to give too much away about the book, but it was just the sort of life-advice every 20-something-year-old woman needs. I laughed, I laughed until I cried (the bit about eating bread in the shower, oh how I can relate!!) I cried, I laughed some more and then I really sat down and had a good long think about an entire range of life topics. I can highly recommend this book to anyone.

Yes Please – Amy Poehler, I grew up with Amy being on SNL and now I watch her web series, “Smart girls” I really can admire the work she has done, and still continues to do within the entertainment industry, particularly in changing the way women are portrayed and cast in the media. Her book is a candid and open look into her life thus far and shows us all exactly what makes her who she is. Another great read that comes highly recommended from me. You can have a look at the Smart Girls website by clicking here.

That’s all I can think of right now- Quick update, I finally got around to doing my driver’s test and I passed! the notice to collect my license card came in the post today, I’ve actually had my temporary license for quite a while now, it just didn’t seem real until today, so I thought I would share the news

Have a wonderful day, Love Quartz


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