Outfit Of The Day | Flashback Jeans

I really cant tell you when last I’ve worn or even owned a pair of jeans that aren’t skinny jeans. That said Ive been on the hunt for some nice ripped jeans for Autumn and Winter. I came across this pair of high-waisted “flashback jeans” in Cotton On the other evening. They’re cut wider around the hips and thighs and then they narrow down into a slim fitted leg. It took a bit of getting used to, as Ive been so used to wearing skinny jeans but I actually really love these, they’re comfortable and loose fitting without being too bulky or baggy.

Im quite short so Ive been stuck in the mindset that looser fitting clothing will make me look dumpy and out of proportion, and this is why I have always worn tight fitting jeans. I saw this post http://www.womenyoushouldknow.net/powerful-images-show-actual-imprints-left-skin-women-wear/ and it really changed the way I see myself and how I think about the clothes I choose to wear.

Here’s an outfit I put together with my new jeans, IMG_7438 Grey top – Cotton On – R128

Flashback Jeans – Cotton On – R499

Pink Lace tank – Pick n Pay clothing – R90

Gold TOMS shoes – R299

Love Quartz x


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