Paper Quilling | How-to

I went and looked this up after seeing these little paper strips in an art store. It really isn’t that difficult to do once you’ve got the hang of it, but at first it is quite fiddly and time-consuming. IMG_7255  First you need a little bowl of cold craft glue, I find it easier to mix it with a bit of water so it’s runnier and doesn’t dry out in the bowl as quickly, it’s also a lot easier to work with. Then you’ll need a small wooden stick or toothpick to spread the glue around, Ive used a cuticle stick as it has a flat edge and finally you need to keep some tissues or a cloth near by as accidents do happen… IMG_7258  Print off an outline of a letter and trace it onto a harder cardboard, then go over the outline in glue. IMG_7259  now stick one strip of quilling paper around the entire outline of your letter, to create a boarder. This part is the most fiddly as you need to hold the paper in place until it dries enough to stand on it’s own. IMG_7263  Then fill the inside of the letter with curls, practice different ways of folding and curling the paper to get different effects, you could pack some closer together, and leave others further apart. If you’re finding this part a bit difficult there are a million different ways to fold and curl the paper strips, just look it up on pinterest IMG_7264  Slowly your letter starts to take shape, this does take a bit of time, so walk away from it from time to time or have a tea break in between. IMG_7267 You could even do some freehand work outside of the boarders of your letters, just don’t mess it up by drawing on it with a pen like I have.

let me know how this goes if you do decide to try it out

Love Quartz


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