The Spice Route – Cape Town

Here are some photo’s I took during a day spent at The Spice Route, it was really really hot the day we went but all the places are either in shady spots, or they have aircon. This is a wonderful place for the entire family as it really and truly caters for everyone, there’s a play park for children and the entire place is wheel-chair friendly. IMG_7004  There’s loads to do to keep you busy all day long. IMG_7006  These tiles are hand-painted and so gorgeous up close. IMG_7013 IMG_7016  We decided to do the chocolate tasting, it’s all dark, vegan friendly chocolate. Its well worth the money and such an experience, the chocolate is some of the best I’ve tasted, this is a must, even for those who aren’t so keen on dark chocolates.IMG_7018 IMG_7030 IMG_7036 IMG_7059 IMG_7065 IMG_7069 and finally, Marrick and I after a long, and very hot day. Despite the heat it really was a lovely day.

Here is their website for more information:

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, Love Quartz x


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