Afternoon Tea | Catch-up Post

Hello lovelies, It feels like forever since Ive blogged. It doesn’t look that way to you since I do write some of my posts in advance and have them queued up for times like this. I thought I needed to take some time out and just have a catch-up chat here, I started college just a few days ago, and after a year’s break, it has been tricky to get into the swing of things.

However, I think I’m finally getting the hang of these 6am wake-ups. I’m studying patisserie this year, I only go in 3 or 2 days a week depending on the week, and then the rest of my week is spent at home perfecting the things I’ve learnt.

So far this has taught me the importance of putting loads of time and effort into the things I make, sounds silly but the extra little bit of love does go a long way. I’m also enjoying getting to present my things in unique and beautiful ways, its equally important to make sure you make things that taste and look beautiful, we eat with our eyes too…

Here are some of the photo’s from my first baking practical. I’ve made fresh pink lemonade, scones, jam, breakfast muffins as well as some flapjacks. I will be posting some step-by-step recipes here soon, so look out for those.

P.S if you look really closely you can see my little brother in the background, he loves having photo’s taken of himself and he’s also been loving these “tea parties” we keep having.
IMG_7331 IMG_7332 IMG_7335 Love Quartz



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