Celebrate Body Lotion | Lush Cosmetics

I don’t know if Im completely won over by the smell of this body lotion yet. That said, It feels AMAZING on my skin. I suffer with really dry skin, especially my knee’s, ankles, elbows ect. The cream smoothes on so beautifully and keeps my skin so soft and moisturised for hours and hours. IMG_6722

The little pot contains Brazilian Orange oil, Lime Oil, Cognac Oil, Almond Oil and organic Cocoa Butter.

I think it could be the Cognac oil in here that Im not quite loving, smell-wise. But Im a huge fan of Citrus smells and the combination of Orange and Lime is beautiful.

This is the first body lotion Ive used from Lush and I will definitely make an effort to try some of their other ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post, all my love, Quartz xx


One comment

  1. I also have really dry skin and although I LOVED the smell of this one, I wasn’t sure if it would be moisturizing enough. Glad to hear it is! I just did a Lush post too, would love if you’d check it out when you have time! 🙂


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