New Year’s Eve

Firstly, my pant’s matched the little snack bowl I was eating blueberries out of… IMG_6666  December 31st is my little brother’s birthday, so we don’t ever do much for New Year’s Eve as we are usually too tired from the day. 3 year’s ago we all spent the evening in the hospital as he had just been born, we had a perfect view of the fireworks and we were all together as a family. Im starting to realise that I am getting older, and I wont be living at home forever, so I want to really cherish the time I do have to just spend at home with my family.

That being said, I decided to stay home for New Years, I don’t drink and I figured that an evening spent at home with my family would be far nicer than an overcrowded club or bar. We all sat in the lounge and watched the Royal Variety Concert, sounds silly but it was a perfect evening for me, my kitty cat even came to join us too, which is rare if the whole family is around. IMG_6668 IMG_6672How did you spend your New Year’s ?

Love Quartz


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