Jingle Bells Lush gift box | Lush Cosmetics

This is the second box I purchased from the Lush sale. The first box I got was “Merry and Bright” and you can see that full post in the previous blog post. IMG_6688  Another beautiful box for my room, Ive decided to keep all the goodies inside here, so they don’t crumble and break. IMG_6689  I’m thinking of doing something with the bells… any suggestions? IMG_6690 IMG_6693 Here are all the goodies packed out, Sadly my little hedgehog keeps loosing his nose, I dug it out of the bottom of the box when I took him out and now it just keeps falling out. Other than that, this is a gorgeous box and I love everything inside of it.

Mini Comforter (my favourite bubble bar)

Magic wand bubble bar

Drummers Drumming bubble bar

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Luxury Lush Pud

Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar

again, I will be doing separate posts for each of these items at a later stage, just keep looking out for them

Love Quartz xx


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