New Year’s Resolutions 2014 to 2015


Im not good at new year’s resolutions (is anyone?) so Ill start this post with my resolutions for last year and how I did with them:

1. Cut out unnecessary sugars – this was my attempt to live a healthier life, and although I haven’t completely reached this goal, I do think I have been the healthiest this year, that I have ever been. Ive stopped eating a huge amount of junk food and sweets. I’ve drank mostly water this year, instead of fizzy drinks or juices. I do still have some sweet things from time to time, but its a whole lot less that what I used to eat. I also started noticing what I put into my body and how it affected me, which has made a world of difference to me.

2. no fizzy cool drinks – I almost made it through the year, but my Sprite addiction got to me this December.

3. YouTube Video’s – This stopped about halfway through the year, around when this blog was started actually, maybe Ill get back into it but for now, it feels like more of a chore than a joy, and that isn’t what I wanted from my YouTube channel. I do plan on changing things around on my channel and starting afresh with it, but not quite yet.

4. Not to loose sight of the future and what’s important to me – I made this resolution because I was terrified of getting sucked into a “gap year” mindset and then being unable to actually get back into studying again. I went through some ups and downs with regards to looking at study options for 2015, but I’m officially registered as a student for 2015 and I will be getting back into the swing of things with regards to learning and studying.

5. You don’t need people who don’t need you– this was more a reminder than anything else. I am a people-pleaser through and through and I didn’t want to spend the year giving time and effort to people who wouldn’t ever give the same back to me. I have had to let go of a few people this year, but in the best way. Its not that I won’t speak to them, but I’m not going to go out of my way to make them happy and spend any unnecessary effort on them as, quite frankly, they don’t care about me, and that’s ok. The real friends I have, have become more clear to me and I cherish them in my life.

6. Strive to be the best version of myself- This was about accepting the person that I am, and not being ashamed or trying to be someone that I’m not. I wanted to work on being a better me, instead of a different me.

7. Get your drivers license – Well this didn’t quite happen. I have a huge fear of failure and not being in control of a situation, so even thinking about going to a strange place, to have a strange person sit in my car with me and watch everything I do like a hawk, just about makes me want to cry. I know I will get to it eventually, but right now I’m ok just being a learner driver.

8. Film a short film – This I did do, and got a certificate to prove it and everything. I did a college course on short film making and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

9. Stick to a budget– This didn’t quite happen, but I have been a lot better with my money this year and I’m quite proud of myself for this.


I thought I would do my “resolutions” a little differently for 2015, so Ive come up with a bucket list of things for me to take on board or do throughout the year.

1. Get my driver’s license. Seriously, so “sparkle car” and I can journey off into the sunset together

2. Travel somewhere new on my own

3. Learn something new

4. Blog more – take nice photo’s and be proud of the content I create

5. You still don’t need people who don’t need you, and working on a better you is still better than being someone you’re not

6. Save up for something important

7. Eat well and do more yoga

8. Try to choose happiness – we are all in control of our thoughts and emotions to some extent and I want this to be a positive change in my life

9. Practice gratitude – be aware of what I am thankful for, and share this with others

10. Finish the projects I start

11. Stop worrying so much about what people think, be bolder and braver

Ill update you all in the end of 2015 as to how these all went for me, hopefully I do quite well on these.

What are your resolutions? how did you do on them last year?

Love Quartz


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