December Favourites 2014

December has just flown by really fast. It seemed like just the other day I started with my “12 days of christmas” gifts on December 1st. I then flew off to visit my grandparents from my dad’s side of the family, only to fly back home and have my grandparents from my mom’s side arrive the next day. Before I knew it, it was Christmas Eve and now it’s New Years Eve.

After a super busy month, here are the things Ive been loving in amongst all this chaos. IMG_6560 A new laptop case, and headphones. My laptop case used to be pink, but the bottom section cracked and that was kind of the end of the case. I searched for quite a while for this one as I wanted a clear case  that wasn’t rubbery and soft, as I prefer the snap on hard shells. I then bought these headphones from Typo as they had a sale on them, I love the mint blue colour and they’re really comfy, despite making me look like a massive dork when I wear them. IMG_6605 A beautiful friend of mine gave me this little lemon print purse as a christmas gift and I looove it. It snaps open and closed so it’s much easier to use than a pouch with a clasp or zip. I use it for my money, bank card, bus card, coins, lip ice ect. Everything I need fits nicely into it and I think the lemons look bright and cheerful. IMG_6613  Stationery. I love stationery bits and bobs and I now don’t really have school as an excuse to buy a ridiculous amount of stationery each year. I got this little box set at the Typo sale as well, I thought I could get away with it as pins and paperclips are quite grown up stationery things to have…

Its also in mint blue and comes in a box decorated with hot air balloons so I really couldn’t resist. IMG_6568I have a thing for coffee mugs. Most of the mugs in our house belong to me or were bought by me. I just love a new mug, a lot.

This was one I bought a week or so ago, I just like the ombre pink and it also happened to match my nails on the day I photographed it.


My mom bought this Dalia as these flowers remind her of her Aunty Violet who has passed away. I think these are such happy, cheerful looking flowers and the whole family has really been enjoying this little treasure.
IMG_6573Sunflowers. Ive given up on my seeds ever growing into sunflowers, I think my little brother dug them all up, or birds ate them, or my cat could have dug them up too. So I went and bought myself a dwarf sunflower and put it into a moss pot. Since I got it, 4 little sunflowers have opened up and I think there are 2 more little buds to come. Sunflowers have always brought me a lot of joy and this is a very happy looking plant so Im glad I got it.

That’s the end of my favourites list for the month, what have you been loving this month?

Love Quartz


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