Christmas Day 2014

Here are some of the very few photo’s I took on christmas day this year. We had my gran and her husband down here from Port Elizabeth. Our table was decorated in gold and purple, as purple was the pantone colour of 2014? We also had Lush goodies for everyone at the table, instead of doing christmas crackers this year. We all had a really lovely time sitting out on our patio and enjoying each other’s company, my sister entertained us all by opening the non-alcoholic bubbly, as the cork shot out at her (photo below)

Even my fur baby, Zazzles, got given a christmas gift, consisting of special cat treats and wet food. She usually only gets dry pellets as the wet food can be quite rich, so I give that to her on special occasions only. IMG_6519 IMG_6523 IMG_6525 IMG_6526 IMG_6534IMG_6527 IMG_6531IMG_6542

How was your christmas?

Love Quartz xx


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