Flight Club | my flying essentials


Slippers- Forever 21 R299

Jeans- Cassie high waisted jeans from Factorie R279

Backpack- Rowdy Bags – http://rowdybags.com/ Unfortunately the world map print one is no longer being made, but they do have other bags that are just as lovely.

Cable jersey- TopShop

I have been lucky enough to fly quite a bit over my life, a few international flights but mostly local ones within South Africa. I am not a fan of having to sit in one place for so long, so flying really isn’t one of my favourite things, travelling yes, but the actual flight, no.

Knowing that I will have to sit in one place for a certain length of time can stress me out a lot. I know I can get up and walk around, but there is only so much of that you can do until you have to squeeze past another person with the same idea, or avoid being run over by the food trolley.

The thing that helps me the most is being as comfortable as I can. This is why I will almost always fly with slippers on, ones with proper soles though, so I can still run through the airport if Im late. I also wear my oldest jeans too. Jeans are bulky to pack in a suitcase, so if you have a weight or space limit, rather wear them on the flight. New jeans are usually too hard and scratchy for me to sit in for too long, so I choose my softest ones.

I then always bring a nice cuddly jersey too, it can double as a pillow if you need it, and it saves you from the ice cold air-conditioning they often have on flights.

Lastly, I alway use a backpack as my carry-on luggage, it’s easier to carry than any other bag, and a backpack keeps your hands free for holding on to important things like your passport, ID, tickets ect. A backpack is also handy when your arrive at your destination as a backpack is perfect for exploring new places and adventuring.

I hope this helps you on your travels,

Love Quartz


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