My Vegetable Garden

Hello lovely people, here’s a little sneak peak into my vegetable garden. I won’t go into all the technical stuff of soil and how to grow things, the internet has enough of that already…


The boxes with lettuces in them are under cover, South African sun is really harsh ya’know.

IMG_6328 IMG_6330

Im waiting patiently for my little tomatoes to ripen. They’re my absolute favourite vegetable, I cant wait to make some fresh pasta with these little gems, yum yum yum.


VERY hot little chillies, don’t be fooled by their size..


Loganberries, sweeter than a raspberry, but they look similar. I eat these right off the tree.

IMG_6338 IMG_6344

Mint, for smoothies, water, cooking and just for smelling because its a lovely smelling little plant.


Strawberry, probably my favourite berry, after a blueberry.


We planted our strawberry plants into these pots that clip around a gutter pipe. This stops the strawberries laying on the ground, as this is when the worms get to them. The ripe ones simply hang out over the edge of the pot.

IMG_6349  The box that started it all, a mixed herb box that we got at a market a while back, there’s mint, thyme and rue in there. Along with some other unidentified herbs- can you name them? IMG_6350

Gooseberries, an acquired taste, Im not really a fan,  but my mom and gran are.

I hope you enjoyed this, Love Quartz


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