Beautiful Things | Hand-made jewellery

The other day, while scratching through our “crafts cupboard” (yes my family actually has one big cupboard dedicated to this) I found a box of tiny beads, crystals and stretchy nylon string. I ended up making myself a couple of necklaces. It was quite therapeutic to sit on the floor, surrounded by pretty little things, and be busy for a short while, putting them together in different ways to make my own, unique, beautiful things.

I’ve always loved hand-made things and it was really lovely to sit down and have some hand-made items of my own at the end of it. I probably won’t make any more, as I’ve made enough now and I’ve put the box away, but maybe I’ll dig the box out again in a few months and make something else entirely. That’s what I love about making things, we have the freedom to choose exactly what it is we end up making.

Here are some photo’s of the necklaces I made, enjoy!

IMG_6357 IMG_6364 IMG_6367Do you make your own hand-made items? Tell me about them!

Love Quartz x


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