Desk / Office area Makeover

This post calls this a makeover, but in reality I only spent R150 and did some major cleaning up around here.


These first two photo’s show what the space looked like before, it was cluttered. I decided to take everything down from the walls and start over.


I put up some decorative ceiling tiles on the walls, they added a bit of texture, without being too distracting and loud. I got two packs from a DIY shop. They are light and made from polystyrene. This particular pack was in a pearly pink colour and I left them as is, you could also paint them if you wanted to.


Next I recovered my grey pin board with some thick white fabric. This was to make the pin board look fresher and cleaner in the space. I put up some of my favourite quotes and drawings, as well as some decorated pegs.

IMG_6104 IMG_6078 IMG_6087The left hand side of my desk is where these pink drawers are, they were a huge mess before, but I tidied them and labeled the drawers so things stay tidy.


The right hand side is where my most used stationery is, I sorted pens and markers into pretty glass jars. I decided to use a glass cake stand here, for a bit of height, I am also storing some things like tape rolls and staplers underneath the cake stand where they can’t be easily seen.

IMG_6098   I added in a yellow milk carton for colour and then added some spaces for fresh flowers. IMG_6106I hope this was inspiring, a complete makeover can be done using just the items you already have and you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money.

Love Quartz


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