Going Vegan | My Eating Journey

IMG_6029 I’ve been vegetarian for a LOOOOONGG time now, from as far back as I can remember I just could not break the link between loving animals and seeing them as a food source. I have also never liked the taste of fish or red meats. My transition to becoming vegetarian did not happen over-night and it was a slow process for me. Ive also got a few food allergies and intolerance’s.

At first I just ate whatever I liked, and dealt with feeling crap for the next few days about it. It’s only been very recently that I have decided to look carefully at what I put into my body and if it’s really worth feeling shitty for the next few days. This is absolutely not about dieting or loosing weight. This was simply about finding food that I loved eating, and food that made me feel good and happy about eating.

through this process I discovered that the biggest thing making me feel so sick was dairy and milk products, so I cut them all out immediately. For me it made sense to go vegan from then on. Ive always been vegetarian and I don’t eat eggs, and now no dairy too, so thats vegan for me.

It has been an easy change so far from vegetarian to vegan. Ive been conscious about what I eat and the effect it has on my body, my moods and my emotions. I have found that when I eat badly, my body feels sick and tired, this drags my mood down and I end up feeling quite anxious or depressed. I then am more prone to panic attacks and these make me feel even more tired and sad. This all really isn’t worth the milkshake or ice-cream that may have caused it.

I also struggle with low iron, but I am allergic to the iron tablets (go figure?) This means that I need loads of iron in my diet, for this I have been having a teaspoon of Spirulina powder in my smoothies or over my cereal each day. I cannot express how much of a change this has made, I am feeling stronger and much much healthier with this addition to my diet.

I don’t really want to go into any more reasons for my becoming vegan, and I didn’t want to ramble on and bore anyone so I will stop here. I had just hoped that this may help someone out there who is struggling through some similar problems.

I am so glad I am now in control of my diet, it has given me control on almost every aspect of my life, I feel healthier, and the extra energy makes me feel happier, and this leads to less sad or anxious days.

Love Quartz xxx



  1. Good for you. I also went vegan after years of being a vegetarian and found the change a really easy one as well. Wish I had done it years before. Thanks for the spirulina tip.
    Looking forward to reading more.

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