October Favorites 2014

Here are the things Ive been loving all through October, enjoy!IMG_6040  “So white” from Lush, Ive actually been using it as a bubble bath. It smells like a million crisp granny smith apples have been squashed into this bottle and I love the scent. IMG_6046  Gerbers. Ive never been able to grow them myself as they are quite fussy little plants, so I pick them up wherever I can, this one is in the most beautiful pastel pink. IMG_6047  Glitter nail polish, it’s festive enough for my christmas spirit to be satisfied, but not too festive that everyone complains about me getting into the christmas spirit too early (as I usually do, christmas starts in mid-October for me)IMG_6050  A JR Tolkien quote that’s up on my wall above my desk. IMG_6054  My bed, a bit of an odd one but I dip-dyed some white bedding and I really love the way it turned out, my bed is also my all time favourite place to be. I do struggle to sleep unless the “conditions” are absolutely perfect and I think Ive got a good thing going here now. I am enjoying the space and really feeling at peace here. IMG_6058 Christmas. I love christmas. I will do a blog post on this soon and why I love christmas so much. This was a beautiful tin I received as a gift a few weeks ago, it’s just so sweet, and there’s a cat on it too!

**I have also been enjoying Spirulina powder and Acai berry powder in my smoothies and food this month, Im definitely feeling healthier and stronger with these two additions to my diet- More on this soon

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this,

Love Quartz xx


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