My Favourites | #1

 These are a few of my favourite things…


1. Flowers, these ones in particular I am in love with at the moment, but flowers in general make me happy and brighten my day every time I see them. IMG_6005  2. Bit of an odd story behind this one, but this blanket is very similar to the one I was wrapped up in as a baby when I spent a large amount of time in the hospital. I was a very sick baby and I went through a major operation at 6 months old. These kinds of blankets give me a sense of comfort and security. Unfortunately I can only ever find baby-sized ones so this is a very small blanket, but I still enjoy it nonetheless.  IMG_6008  3. For me, Snow Fairy is the smell of christmas. Christmas is officially here when Snow Fairy is out. This is a Lush Cosmetics shower gel that comes out around late October as part of their Christmas range. I use it as a bubble bath and me-oh-my its fabbity fab. I LOVE christmas time, I am very passionate about the festive season and I wait all year for it to come around again. This smells like candy, candy floss, childhood and happiness (and possibly Diabetes, this is a very sickly sweet smell)

IMG_6011  4. A plaque I got the other day, I see it as I wake up in the mornings. It speaks for itself really, I don’t need to go on here…IMG_6013  5. A gift my mom made for me. She punched out special words from an old dictionary that have a meaning to either me or her. This was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

I won’t go through all of the words but one of them is “Pearl” which is both a negative thing “The pearl of great price” or a positive thing as pearls are beautiful but they’re made from tiny grains of sand. Pearls also symbolise hard work paying off and that it may take some time and effort for something beautiful to be created in the end. Pearl is also a name I may consider as a daughter’s name, or at least a middle name. IMG_6015  5. A letter from my gran, she wrote this little poem down for me when I was going through quite a rough patch, I used to keep it with me, now it’s up on my bedroom wall. It reads:

“I wish I was a glow-worm, a glow worms’ never glum, ’cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?”

It reminded me to smile more often and take life a little less seriously. IMG_6016  6. and here is a photograph of her and I, back when she was a Hipster (I mean look at that jersey!) and I had dark hair. IMG_60187. and last but not least, my adventure shoes. If I had “lucky shoes” or a favourite pair, this would be them. Ive wanted a pair of pink converse for years and years, it has been difficult to get my hands on them, being in South Africa. However, earlier this year these beauties finally crossed my path and Im so happy they did. Good things always seem to happen in these shoes, so they’re my adventuring shoes, for all of life’s adventures.

Those are my favourites for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a wonderful day

Love Quartz xx


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