Mickey Mouse Party

Here are a couple of photo’s from my youngest brother’s first birthday party, last weekend. I hope you can use the photo’s as inspiration for your own Mickey Mouse party, or just to scroll through and look at. IMG_5941 IMG_5945  The drinks station, with red coloured cooldrink, as well as some fruit infused water and champagne for the adults at the party.IMG_5949  here’s the “sweet foods” table, and yes that is my dad, lurking about in the background.IMG_5952 IMG_5958 IMG_5961 IMG_5966  The red cooldrink looked very nice in these bottles, with red spotted straws.IMG_5967  carrot cake and some red gerbers.IMG_5969the cupcakes I made, there is a blog post on these earlier this week.
IMG_5972  The chocolate fountain station, the Mickey Mouse chocolate fountain is actually mine and Ive had it for quite a few years now, and it’s still an absolute hit.IMG_5974  The family dog (Zoey) had the best day ever because everyone gave her a sausage or two throughout the dayIMG_5978

The siamese cat (Powder) however, did not have a great day, she decided to avoid all the people and sleep in the washing basket for the day, clean washing obviously so it all had to be re-washed.

I hope you enjoyed this post

Love Quartz


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