Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Earlier this week I made some Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes for a Mickey Mouse party (another blog post coming on that) and I thought I would share the cupcakes incase anyone else needed some inspiration or idea’s.

IMG_5913  I split the icing batch in two, one half was coloured red and I mixed some homemade berry coulis into it.IMG_5917  The second batch was flavoured with vanilla and I added some Oreo biscuits into the icing as well.IMG_5919  The cupcakes were vanilla (made with real vanilla bean) and half were in black and white spotted cases, the other half in red and white spotted cases.IMG_5921  The Oreo icing did not pipe nicely through my piping nozzle, so I gave up and just rough iced the Oreo icing, I also added some crushed Oreo’s onto the tops of the Oreo cupcakes. The Oreos were crushed up by blending them through my Nutribullet blender. IMG_5929  For the berry icing cupcakes I made some black Mickey Mouse “hats” inspired by the hats you can buy at Disneyland. They were made with modelling chocolate that I coloured black. I used a medium sized circle cutter and a smaller sized circle cutter to cut out the base for the hat and then the two ears. I stuck a toothpick into the hat, so I could stick the hat upright into the cupcake.IMG_5937  For the Oreo cupcakes I made some chocolate toppers. I melted a mixture of dark and milk chocolate and poured the mixture into a small, plastic zipper bag. I cut one corner of the bag off to use the bag as a small piping bag. I laid non-stick paper onto some metal baking trays that I had placed in the freezer for a half hour before the time. Piping the melted chocolate onto the cold metal trays helps it to set quicker, and it is then less likely to run all over the place. I laid the toothpicks out on the sheets and piped the chocolate Mickey Mouse faces onto the toothpicks. I left the trays in the fridge to set before placing them into the cupcakes. IMG_5938

and here are the finished cupcakes. I hope this post was helpful, please do let me know if you decide to make these yourself

Love Quartz


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