Plant | Vegan Cafe in Cape Town

*Firstly, this isn’t sponsored, but I can already tell it might come across that way. I wouldn’t say no…I would kill to try everything on their menu, but I promise to always be open about these things with you all.

My very best vegan friend picked me up the other morning and took me to Plant, along with her sister, and a friend. I will be eternally grateful, the food was fresh, beautiful and so so tasty!!

here are some photo’s of our meals, followed by the menu.

IMG_5866  Here’s mine, the “Buddha Box” a whole bowl of yummy goodness. I enjoyed every mouthful and polished off the whole lot.IMG_5867 Zahne had the toasted “cheese” with “bacon” it’s actually Tempeh but tastes just like I would imagine bacon to taste like. IMG_5868 Here is Alexia’s “Egg” stacked sandwich, obviously this isn’t actually egg, but have a look there, can you tell the difference? I can’t. IMG_5870  Here is the Quesadilla’s that Brigitta had, also super yummy with black beans. This one is a little spicy, so watch out for that one if spicy foods aren’t your thing.  (Crap photo sorry, I was in a massive rush to tuck into my food)IMG_5871

Here is the Florentine I had, I struggled a bit due to my mouth still being a bit sore from the wisdoms op, but it was so worth it.  IMG_5864IMG_5863

Here are the copies of the menu’s, the staff were lovely and the whole cafe had a really nice feel to it. You can purchase vegan cheese, mayo and other health foods or super foods there too.

You can see their website here: or you could call them on 082 880 0102 they’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I don’t often advertise companies this explicitly but this really is a wonderful place, and sure worth the visit, even for meat-eaters.

Love Courtney xx


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