Lemon & Mint body jelly | Shower Gel DIY

Earlier this week I had all my wisdom teeth removed so Ive been house-bound and very bored.

I was fiddling around on Pinterest and found a recipe for a “Body Jelly” it looked fun, so I tried it out.


You will need:

§ A jar or container §

§ Mix a cup of hot water with a small packet of gelatine §

§ Add  it into the jar and allow it to cool, add in some glitter, food colouring and lemon oil or lemon essence §

§ pick some fresh mint leaves and shred them up, add them into the jar §

§ fill the jar up with a clear body gel or melted soap §

§ refrigerate until it has set, and then mix it all up (the mint and glitter settles to the bottom) §

and Bob is your uncle! My family is really enjoying this a lot, give it a try and let me know how it turns out, add in some other things and see how they turn out! IMG_5785

I made a batch of lavender body jelly and set it in individual chocolate moulds for my littler brother, he loves getting to use the teeny tiny individual soaps in his baths.

Enjoy, Love Quartz

p.s I added a little too much colouring to this batch, it looks a little bit like monster slime…


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