Tomato and Lentil dinner with Bulgar Wheat

This was a dinner I made for myself the other night, It turned out really nice so I thought I would share it. IMG_5730

– I started out with cooking some bulgar wheat, I always add a bit of taco spice mix in, but thats up to you. You could substitute the bulgar wheat for couscous or pasta if you wanted to.

– I then cooked up some lentils with tomato paste. I always let the lentils soak overnight, just so they’re nice and soft when you cook them.

– Then on to the tomatoes, I sliced some salad tomatoes and fried them in a bit of coconut oil* with some black pepper.

– I topped the whole dish with some sprouts, just for an addition of colour and texture, and included some tomato pasta sauce around the sides just to mix in with the bulgar wheat.

 * Coconut Oil, I know this is a big thing to use right now, and I hate coconut, It makes my mouth super itchy and I really can’t stand it. With that said, I don’t taste any coconut in anything that I cook in it, so I’m very happy using coconut oil and I would highly recommend it. IMG_5731 Plate- Mr. Price Home

Cutlery –

Enjoy, Love Quartz x


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