A bowl of coffee and an Orchid show


Today’s adventuring started at 7am so naturally I needed a bowl of coffee to start the day. Yes a whole BOWL. IMG_5744 The view from the breakfast table, how beautiful. IMG_5754  The garden centre across the way from the place we ate breakfast was hosting an orchid show. Orchids are so beautiful, but I just know that I would kill one so I haven’t bothered with one yet. IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5757  After viewing the orchids, we went to a berry farm to buy some fresh berries. We ended up buying some berry plants while we were there too. A blueberry plant, a raspberry plant and a blackberry plant. I will post an update on these soon.IMG_5758 copy

This is the view of the berry farm. Cape Town is so picturesque and I think I forget how beautiful my hometown really is.

Thanks for reading, Love Courtney x


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