Bare-faced beauty? |Giving up on makeup

I haven’t really had the greatest skin, but I don’t have really horrible skin either. Recently I had a sudden realisation; Makeup is a form of covering up and hiding your imperfections, and I thought that I should try to work on improving my imperfections, instead of covering them up with all kinds of makeup. 

I decided to put all of my makeup away for a little while and just go back to the basics.

Ive invested in a really good moisturiser from Clinique. I have incredibly dry skin and after years of trying all the moisturisers on the market I think Ive finally found THE ONE. When it comes to these kinds of things, what works for one person may not work for another, so give this a try if you do have dry skin, perhaps it will work for you too? 

Ive also purchased the tea tree toner water from lush, the first few days of me using it were a little discouraging as my skin turned really spotty and gross, however I persisted and now its all cleared up beautifully. I do believe that tea tree is excellent for your skin and I think I had a few breakouts because the tea tree was just bringing all of the gunk to the surface and really giving my pores a good clean out. I haven’t had any more breakouts since those first few days, so Im a happy camper. 

Ive included a bb cream from the body shop, it also contains tea tree. Ive only been using this on days where my skin feels like it needs a bit of covering here and there.  


Two other items are the dry shampoo from Lush, this has nothing to do with the rest of this blog post, but it smells fantastic and I couldn’t resist giving it some online love. 

and then finally the strawberry feels forever massage bar from lush, Ive also been using this on the really dry patches of my skin, and on my lips sometimes too. I don’t think Im supposed to, as its designed for your body, not your face or lips but it works, so who am I to argue. It also smells incredibly yummy, so thats a bonus. 



In conclusion I do feel like my skin has improved dramatically since I decided to let it be all fresh and natural, and I will continue to leave heavy makeup out of the equation. 

Thank you for reading xx 



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