Market Brunch and Butterflies

Today was Saturday, a weekend is Family Time for me, and we usually go on some sort of adventure. I have a little brother who’s 2 and he loves a good adventure. IMG_5675

Here’s this morning’s brunch, I had my usual granola at home this morning, but when we stopped at the market, I just couldn’t resist a little mid-morning snack.

IMG_5679 These spring rolls are divine, the stuff inside is fresh and crunchy, you can actually taste the individual ingredients instead of the whole thing tasting like oil.IMG_5677 I also had to get a lemon and mint smoothie, lemon and mint is a winning combo (In my opinion)

We then made our way to Butterfly World. The whole family loves it there, and it’s been around since I was the age that my little brother is now. IMG_5689  A monkey and I became the best of friends, after he jumped down onto my shoulder. Despite the name of the place, there are lizards, snakes, iguanas, guinea pigs, birds, parrots, fish, spiders, monkeys and of course butterflies too. IMG_5690  This photo is after my new friend bit me on the finger, a bit rude, but friends are like that sometimes I supposeIMG_5697 another monkey friend, this one was trotting about in the tree branches above our heads. This one is a Marmoset Monkey.IMG_5698 IMG_5699 IMG_5703  This monkey was destined to be a model, look at him here, really finding his light, just like Tyra Banks tells all the models on America’s Next Top Model to do. This one also grabbed my camera while I was filming, and had a good look at the camera.  IMG_5706  Here we are posing for some photo’s after a good day’s adventuring. Thanks for reading, Love Courtney

IMG_5708 IMG_5713

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