turning over a new leaf this spring


Please excuse that horrible punny title, Im trying to be funny.

Spring day (September 1st if you’re South African) was an incredible day for me, I felt inspired and lovely the entire day.

It was helped by the fact that the day was filled with sunshiney joyfulness, as it usually rains on spring day 😦 , another factor that made the day even more special was that I had good news about two things Ive been really excited about, vague I know, but Im very weird about not “jinxing” things, Ill tell you when they’re set in stone, promise! I also used the “Sakura” bath ballistic from lush for the first time and used my “Strawberry feels forever” massage bar. There were also loads and loads of flowers out and about in my garden, so all in all it was a beautiful day.


photo 1I decided to purchase this diary, it runs from the middle of this year, through to the end of next year. I felt like it was the symbol of the fresh start I had decided to make after my lovely Spring day.

This new blog was born on Spring day, I felt like my old blog just didn’t represent me anymore and I wasn’t as proud of it as I should have been. I let too many negative things build up there, and it became an ugly place for me. Ive started to start afresh with “Quartz Thoughts” I aim to make this much more personal, real and something that I put heart and soul into, something I can really be proud of. So far I am much happier with this blog, I want to learn from my mistakes and move on in a more positive light. I have my good friend Gabi, from hellohoney.co.za to thank for this, she is a true gem and I will always value her support and friendship. She’s been working on her blog in secret for quite some time now and it truly is a beautiful, inspiring place on the internet, she’s inspired me to take this blog seriously and make it my own beautiful space, just like she’s done with hers.

Here’s to “Quartz Thoughts” becoming a beautiful space, filled with good things and inspiration.

All my love, Courtney xx



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