Forever 21 | Canal Walk Launch, South Africa

I went into the store a day before their grand opening, this was by pure chance, as I didn’t even think they would be open yet. I’ve been waiting for Forever 21 to open up here in South Africa for years, I’ve bought loads of clothing from the Forever 21 stores in New York and Boston and could not wait to get my hands on their items, a little closer to home.

Firstly the details are all beautiful, look at this label below, rose gold little studs, how sweet are they?


This was the first item I picked up, a pair of sunflower shorts, because I adore sunflowers, and my bestest friend is a sunflower so these always remind me of her. (not literally a sunflower, but she’s a human sunflower) R279

A minty blue T-shirt, no surprises here, this is my favourite colour so I had to get it. R89


I was in two minds about this vest, I thought it would hang around and gape open on me, exposing my lady bits, but it fits beautifully. Its loose fitting but doesn’t gape, magic and sorcery I tell you!


I also adore the crochet straps, and the fabric is super super soft. R149

Pink make-up brushes. Ive just written a blog post on how Ive given up on the whole idea of make-up, yet here these are. I’ll be honest, they’re pink, they’re gold and they’re pretty, so I bought them. They’re also very soft and lovely. I quite like that the bristles are pink, that way I can be sure that my brushes are always clean, I have a fear of dirty make-up brushes. R69


A giant bow (you can never have enough, NEVER) and some of these elastic hair tie things, they look so pretty and I wanted to give them a try. Both R29 each  IMG_5659 IMG_5658

and finally some cat socks, in both colours because I love socks and cats, so. R25 each

All in all Im glad I got to go earlier and Im glad I managed to avoid the crowds. Although the store was super busy, it didn’t feel like the store was over-crowded. I’m not a big fan of crowds or queue’s at all, and both of these were managed so well by the staff members.

Thanks for reading

Quartz xx


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