dealing with disappointment | shit happens

It happens, you look forward to something, or you really want something to happen and it doesn’t. It is terribly disappointing and makes you feel a little bit down. 

For me it was a couple of weeks ago, I went for two job interviews and then an interview for college next year. All three didn’t go as well as I had hoped and I haven’t really heard anything concrete back from any of the three. It is disappointing as I had looked forward to the new doors opening for me, but I had to accept that maybe this just wasn’t meant to be. I am quite an anxious person and not having anything concrete for my future has been quite a stress for me these past few weeks. 

I won’t lie, I spent the most part of the weekend sulking and all cuddled up in my bed, reluctant to face the world. 

I dragged myself out of bed on sunday morning to get down to the beach. I was quite tired of feeling sorry for myself and I needed some fresh air. I got an ice-cream and had a little think about how lucky I really am, and this was only a small little set back in the greater scheme of life. 

*my lovely ice-cream picture doesn’t want to upload, so you’ll just have to imagine it instead, it was lovely and chocolatey with a flake in it too*

Disappointing things happen, and Im sure I will face many more, I think it’s important to let yourself feel a bit sad for a while if you need to, and then make sure you pick yourself up from that and move on to greater things. 

Thanks for reading 

Love Quartz 



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