Macaroon’s | Berry coulis and vanilla pod flavour

 Macaroon’s aren’t THAT difficult to make, sure the first couple times are a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of things, they’re easy peasy.  IMG_5576 What you’ll need:

230g icing sugar, just less than a cup full  

130g ground almonds/ almond flour (I use my Nutribullet’s milling attachment to grind the raw almond’s to a flour-like consistency, but you can grind the almonds by hand, or just buy almond flour)

130g egg whites, the egg whites from 4 large eggs 

60g granulated sugar (the kind you have in your tea) 60g is around 4 tablespoons full 

*I decided to include Vanilla in my batch, this is optional


 IMG_5588 IMG_5598

  -Whisk two of the egg whites with the granulated sugar, until its thick, like shaving cream IMG_5599-Sift the dry ingredients into a large bowl, I like to sift it twice, just to make extra sure.

-Add the two remaining egg whites on top of the dry mix, do not mix them together

-Add the whisked egg white mixture on top, and fold the mix together slowly.

*this would be the time to add in the vanilla, or food colouring if you prefer. I think macaroon’s look best in pastel colours, so don’t add too much colouring. You also don’t want to be adding too much additional liquid to the mixture.  


-Pipe the mixture into equal blobs on baking paper, or you can use a silicone macaroon sheet like I did. Leave the mixture to “air dry” for 15mins and then tap the baking tin on the counter lightly to remove air bubbles.

 -You can then pop the macaroon’s into the oven at 150’C, for around 20 mins, or until they look and feel done.                        IMG_5614  -You then need something to stick the two halves of the macaroon’s together. I had some berry coulis left over from my granola, so I used that, thickened up a bit with icing sugar, but you could use anything here; jam, chocolate ganache, Nutella, icing mix, cream, whatever your heart desires really…IMG_5615

The finished macaroon’s out of the oven. Let them cool completely before peeling them off the silicone sheet or baking paper. 

  IMG_5611 IMG_5626 

-Now you can pair similar sized ones together, and stick them together with whatever you have chosen as the filling. I used stencils and some edible glitter to make pretty patterns on the tops of mine, you could dust them with icing sugar or just leave them as is, again this is up to you. 


IMG_5620Macaroons are pretty and yummy too, a perfect little tea time treat. I hope you enjoy making these and that this recipe was easy to follow

Happy baking, Love Quartz xx


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