Sakura | Lush Love

I LOVE lush, a lot. All their products are vegetarian/ vegan and nothing is tested on animals, all their products are made by hand with fresh ingredients, what more could you possibly want? photo 4

Mass, factory produced chemicals that are tested on animals ? none of that for me thanks. 

  photo 3 

Meet Sakura, she’s my new favourite bath ballistic.

This is a “spring celebration” bath ballistic and I will not argue with that at all, the scent was beautiful and light. I smelt like a Cherry Blossom garden all day long and I adored it. The bath bomb itself didn’t do very much compared to other Lush bath ballistics, it fizzed quietly away while releasing the most beautiful scent and a soft, opaque baby pink colorant into the bath water. I don’t mind that this one wasn’t as exciting as other Lush ballistics, as the scent is to die for. 

And just look at it, its a real beauty! 


Thank you for making my day, once again, Lush 


Quartz xx


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