Month: September 2014

Tomato and Lentil dinner with Bulgar Wheat

This was a dinner I made for myself the other night, It turned out really nice so I thought I would share it. IMG_5730

– I started out with cooking some bulgar wheat, I always add a bit of taco spice mix in, but thats up to you. You could substitute the bulgar wheat for couscous or pasta if you wanted to.

– I then cooked up some lentils with tomato paste. I always let the lentils soak overnight, just so they’re nice and soft when you cook them.

– Then on to the tomatoes, I sliced some salad tomatoes and fried them in a bit of coconut oil* with some black pepper.

– I topped the whole dish with some sprouts, just for an addition of colour and texture, and included some tomato pasta sauce around the sides just to mix in with the bulgar wheat.

 * Coconut Oil, I know this is a big thing to use right now, and I hate coconut, It makes my mouth super itchy and I really can’t stand it. With that said, I don’t taste any coconut in anything that I cook in it, so I’m very happy using coconut oil and I would highly recommend it. IMG_5731 Plate- Mr. Price Home

Cutlery –

Enjoy, Love Quartz x


Outfit of the week #1

 This is something I thought I could try. Every now and then I throw a couple things together that I think look pretty great together. This is of course my opinion but that’s what the rest of this blog is about, so I might as well share some fashion opinions here too. IMG_5629

 This was what I wore to work the other day. It’s spring now, so I get to wear all of my favourite pastel colours again, but it’s not quite warm enough to leave the house without a jersey or light jacket. IMG_5641 IMG_5633 IMG_5651IMG_5656


Blue Socks- Cotton On R40

Pink Shoes- Converse R400 (purchased online as the baby pink ones are limited edition)

Jeans- Joni super high-waisted jeans from TopShop R650

White Vest- Mr. Price R60

Cable Jersey- TopShop mid-year sale R250 (WHAT  a bargain!!)

Mint Sling bag- Mr. Price – kindly given as a birthday gift 

Ring- specially designed and made for me as a gift from my mom

Nail polish- TipTop nail chic in Cha Cha Cha R40

A bowl of coffee and an Orchid show


Today’s adventuring started at 7am so naturally I needed a bowl of coffee to start the day. Yes a whole BOWL. IMG_5744 The view from the breakfast table, how beautiful. IMG_5754  The garden centre across the way from the place we ate breakfast was hosting an orchid show. Orchids are so beautiful, but I just know that I would kill one so I haven’t bothered with one yet. IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5757  After viewing the orchids, we went to a berry farm to buy some fresh berries. We ended up buying some berry plants while we were there too. A blueberry plant, a raspberry plant and a blackberry plant. I will post an update on these soon.IMG_5758 copy

This is the view of the berry farm. Cape Town is so picturesque and I think I forget how beautiful my hometown really is.

Thanks for reading, Love Courtney x

Simple Summer Salad


Here is the recipe for quite a simple salad I made the other day for lunch.

(Staring from the bottom layer, upwards)

Fresh Rocket or Fresh Wild Rocket

Sliced Cucumber

Sliced Mozzarella Cheese

Sliced Cream Cheese rolled in Tomato

Blobs of Tomato Pesto

A tablespoon full of mixed Sprouts

Drizzle with Greek Salad dressing

Enjoy! Love Quartz x

Bare-faced beauty? |Giving up on makeup

I haven’t really had the greatest skin, but I don’t have really horrible skin either. Recently I had a sudden realisation; Makeup is a form of covering up and hiding your imperfections, and I thought that I should try to work on improving my imperfections, instead of covering them up with all kinds of makeup. 

I decided to put all of my makeup away for a little while and just go back to the basics.

Ive invested in a really good moisturiser from Clinique. I have incredibly dry skin and after years of trying all the moisturisers on the market I think Ive finally found THE ONE. When it comes to these kinds of things, what works for one person may not work for another, so give this a try if you do have dry skin, perhaps it will work for you too? 

Ive also purchased the tea tree toner water from lush, the first few days of me using it were a little discouraging as my skin turned really spotty and gross, however I persisted and now its all cleared up beautifully. I do believe that tea tree is excellent for your skin and I think I had a few breakouts because the tea tree was just bringing all of the gunk to the surface and really giving my pores a good clean out. I haven’t had any more breakouts since those first few days, so Im a happy camper. 

Ive included a bb cream from the body shop, it also contains tea tree. Ive only been using this on days where my skin feels like it needs a bit of covering here and there.  


Two other items are the dry shampoo from Lush, this has nothing to do with the rest of this blog post, but it smells fantastic and I couldn’t resist giving it some online love. 

and then finally the strawberry feels forever massage bar from lush, Ive also been using this on the really dry patches of my skin, and on my lips sometimes too. I don’t think Im supposed to, as its designed for your body, not your face or lips but it works, so who am I to argue. It also smells incredibly yummy, so thats a bonus. 



In conclusion I do feel like my skin has improved dramatically since I decided to let it be all fresh and natural, and I will continue to leave heavy makeup out of the equation. 

Thank you for reading xx 


Lemon Mint Smoothie

Here’s the recipe for a smoothie I make the most, It’s quick, easy and tastes lovely. Perfect for the summertime when you need something refreshing.
IMG_5732  – Juice of one fresh lemon

– A cup full of ice

– 3/4 cup of water

– 2 to 3 tablespoons of sugar

– 5 fresh mint leaves

blend and enjoy!


I use a NutriBullet for all my smoothies, but any blender will work just as well, make sure you check if your blender can have ice in it, if not then crush the ice up by hand rather. Ive ruined many blenders in the past by trying to crush ice in them…


I hope you enjoy this just as much as I do, please let me know if you want more smoothie recipes like this

Love Quartz xx

Market Brunch and Butterflies

Today was Saturday, a weekend is Family Time for me, and we usually go on some sort of adventure. I have a little brother who’s 2 and he loves a good adventure. IMG_5675

Here’s this morning’s brunch, I had my usual granola at home this morning, but when we stopped at the market, I just couldn’t resist a little mid-morning snack.

IMG_5679 These spring rolls are divine, the stuff inside is fresh and crunchy, you can actually taste the individual ingredients instead of the whole thing tasting like oil.IMG_5677 I also had to get a lemon and mint smoothie, lemon and mint is a winning combo (In my opinion)

We then made our way to Butterfly World. The whole family loves it there, and it’s been around since I was the age that my little brother is now. IMG_5689  A monkey and I became the best of friends, after he jumped down onto my shoulder. Despite the name of the place, there are lizards, snakes, iguanas, guinea pigs, birds, parrots, fish, spiders, monkeys and of course butterflies too. IMG_5690  This photo is after my new friend bit me on the finger, a bit rude, but friends are like that sometimes I supposeIMG_5697 another monkey friend, this one was trotting about in the tree branches above our heads. This one is a Marmoset Monkey.IMG_5698 IMG_5699 IMG_5703  This monkey was destined to be a model, look at him here, really finding his light, just like Tyra Banks tells all the models on America’s Next Top Model to do. This one also grabbed my camera while I was filming, and had a good look at the camera.  IMG_5706  Here we are posing for some photo’s after a good day’s adventuring. Thanks for reading, Love Courtney

IMG_5708 IMG_5713

Forever 21 | Canal Walk Launch, South Africa

I went into the store a day before their grand opening, this was by pure chance, as I didn’t even think they would be open yet. I’ve been waiting for Forever 21 to open up here in South Africa for years, I’ve bought loads of clothing from the Forever 21 stores in New York and Boston and could not wait to get my hands on their items, a little closer to home.

Firstly the details are all beautiful, look at this label below, rose gold little studs, how sweet are they?


This was the first item I picked up, a pair of sunflower shorts, because I adore sunflowers, and my bestest friend is a sunflower so these always remind me of her. (not literally a sunflower, but she’s a human sunflower) R279

A minty blue T-shirt, no surprises here, this is my favourite colour so I had to get it. R89


I was in two minds about this vest, I thought it would hang around and gape open on me, exposing my lady bits, but it fits beautifully. Its loose fitting but doesn’t gape, magic and sorcery I tell you!


I also adore the crochet straps, and the fabric is super super soft. R149

Pink make-up brushes. Ive just written a blog post on how Ive given up on the whole idea of make-up, yet here these are. I’ll be honest, they’re pink, they’re gold and they’re pretty, so I bought them. They’re also very soft and lovely. I quite like that the bristles are pink, that way I can be sure that my brushes are always clean, I have a fear of dirty make-up brushes. R69


A giant bow (you can never have enough, NEVER) and some of these elastic hair tie things, they look so pretty and I wanted to give them a try. Both R29 each  IMG_5659 IMG_5658

and finally some cat socks, in both colours because I love socks and cats, so. R25 each

All in all Im glad I got to go earlier and Im glad I managed to avoid the crowds. Although the store was super busy, it didn’t feel like the store was over-crowded. I’m not a big fan of crowds or queue’s at all, and both of these were managed so well by the staff members.

Thanks for reading

Quartz xx

turning over a new leaf this spring


Please excuse that horrible punny title, Im trying to be funny.

Spring day (September 1st if you’re South African) was an incredible day for me, I felt inspired and lovely the entire day.

It was helped by the fact that the day was filled with sunshiney joyfulness, as it usually rains on spring day 😦 , another factor that made the day even more special was that I had good news about two things Ive been really excited about, vague I know, but Im very weird about not “jinxing” things, Ill tell you when they’re set in stone, promise! I also used the “Sakura” bath ballistic from lush for the first time and used my “Strawberry feels forever” massage bar. There were also loads and loads of flowers out and about in my garden, so all in all it was a beautiful day.


photo 1I decided to purchase this diary, it runs from the middle of this year, through to the end of next year. I felt like it was the symbol of the fresh start I had decided to make after my lovely Spring day.

This new blog was born on Spring day, I felt like my old blog just didn’t represent me anymore and I wasn’t as proud of it as I should have been. I let too many negative things build up there, and it became an ugly place for me. Ive started to start afresh with “Quartz Thoughts” I aim to make this much more personal, real and something that I put heart and soul into, something I can really be proud of. So far I am much happier with this blog, I want to learn from my mistakes and move on in a more positive light. I have my good friend Gabi, from to thank for this, she is a true gem and I will always value her support and friendship. She’s been working on her blog in secret for quite some time now and it truly is a beautiful, inspiring place on the internet, she’s inspired me to take this blog seriously and make it my own beautiful space, just like she’s done with hers.

Here’s to “Quartz Thoughts” becoming a beautiful space, filled with good things and inspiration.

All my love, Courtney xx


dealing with disappointment | shit happens

It happens, you look forward to something, or you really want something to happen and it doesn’t. It is terribly disappointing and makes you feel a little bit down. 

For me it was a couple of weeks ago, I went for two job interviews and then an interview for college next year. All three didn’t go as well as I had hoped and I haven’t really heard anything concrete back from any of the three. It is disappointing as I had looked forward to the new doors opening for me, but I had to accept that maybe this just wasn’t meant to be. I am quite an anxious person and not having anything concrete for my future has been quite a stress for me these past few weeks. 

I won’t lie, I spent the most part of the weekend sulking and all cuddled up in my bed, reluctant to face the world. 

I dragged myself out of bed on sunday morning to get down to the beach. I was quite tired of feeling sorry for myself and I needed some fresh air. I got an ice-cream and had a little think about how lucky I really am, and this was only a small little set back in the greater scheme of life. 

*my lovely ice-cream picture doesn’t want to upload, so you’ll just have to imagine it instead, it was lovely and chocolatey with a flake in it too*

Disappointing things happen, and Im sure I will face many more, I think it’s important to let yourself feel a bit sad for a while if you need to, and then make sure you pick yourself up from that and move on to greater things. 

Thanks for reading 

Love Quartz